the Brexit Party’s success is May’s best chance of getting her withdrawal agreement through
The Oracle of Delphi 15 May 19 23:27
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as May and her aides calculate that the Brexit Party being successful in the EU elections will scare Labour and Tozza MPs into voting for her bill


vote Farage’s Brexit, get May’s Brexit ?

I look forward(*) to the tories’ analysis of literally no-one voting for them in the euros meaning that the entire country wants them to get on with the job of delivering Brexit. 

* not really

In fairness there are a lot of Tory members who won't be voting Tory because they are fvcking around with getting on with the job of delivering Brexit.  Though of course TMPM's Brexit isn't really anyone else's idea of Brexit.

TMPM's Brexit is definitely the Brexit for people who don't want to Brexit but think not Brexiting would be a betrayal of the country.  Missing the fvcking obvious point that if none of the people who actually want Brexit are happy with your proposal then its really just betrayal in a massively shitter way.

it was all logical and sensible until we got to "May and her aides calculate" and then it basically turned into a badly written star wars fan fic 

That May be true, Delph, but it's a risky gamble.  A bit like holding the Brexit referendum in the first place.