Brexit dividend

Aftre brexiteers accepted yesterday (Davis in Times and Johnson on R4) that Sterling will crash after brexit (and they don't care), have any of them demanded brexit dividend in recent times? 

They don't care about anything - nobody is now seriously arguing we will be better off - we will clearly be worse off by far, they don't care because they are rich and powerful and will  be ok because people like that always are. Traitors.

We won’t just be worse off, we’ll be royally fucked as a nation.

There will be fighting in the streets. Get used to it. 

Watch the live feed from the Commons. They’re all completely knackered. 

God help us. 

Also, has dux been repatriated to the Motherland? Spooky timing. 

Does Johnson actually believe the shit that comes out of his mouth?

I can't see the video in his tweet.  Can anyone summarise, pls?

Brexit dividend = payout for Brexiteers who are probably coordinating their pound shorting strategies as we speak.