Breastfeeding in a GP reception- acceptable?

Down with this sort of thing, etc.

Seriously, why would you be offended by this, though?

It does seem gratuitous, but I suppose it's virtually normal nowadays.

I wasn’t offended per se I just thought it odd and unusual 

Of course it is, you fuckwit. Why on earth wouldn't it be? What is wrong with you? 

Well other patients thought it was clearly odd, they either moved or stared at the floor. If the baby needed a feed  she could have gone to the baby changing room or used bottled milk. I assume babies are fed mostly at similar times.

she was clearly making a statement 

The only thing wrong with it is that the mother and every other inhabitant of the waiting room should be means tested and charged for all the medical care they are taking up regardless of their lifestyle or tax contribution. 

if I were the baby I might be a bit put out at having to eat there

not very hygienic, mum

although probs I would just be thinking waah waah waah

Well then the other patients need to get a fucking grip too.

Probably more hygienic than the “baby changing room” (i.e. the toilets)

Would you go and eat your meal in the toilets in case any snowflakes didn't like the look of you eating? No? Well then why should a baby have to?

I will be honest I do wish there were special GPs just for adults

ideally non-depressing adults but I don't want to price myself out of the market

If there were you would just be annoyed about all the old people going to the doctor because they've got no one else to talk to.

I've seen two ladies breastfeeding on trains recently so really not unusual for them to do it in a doctor's surgery whilst waiting to be seen.

You know that babies basically eat on demand rather than waiting until lunchtime?

Clergs no parent actually wants to be in public with their children either. It’s frankly a pita and all those people sat there happily looking at their phones or having a conversation remind us all of what once was and will never be again (for a decade or so at least)

I suspect the statement she was making was "bloody hell, the cluster-feeding little fvkwit needs feeding again".

I'm just sad that I have never been able to make a statement with my boobs.  They are just not big enough for signwriting.

no, I know, ZG, I just don't like children on a visceral level and would prefer not to be around them and while I feel bad for the parents you did choose it. I think it is ok to ghettoise youse for a bit.


(breastfeeding age children are vastly preferable to their older comrades)

ebitda bot seems to have misfired on this one

obviously totally acceptable

there probably isn't even a seat in the baby changing room

and feeding a baby isn't a matter of swapping willy nilly between breast and bottle

a breast fed baby will generally go ballistic if presented with a bottle (at least if that is unexpected) and vice versa

Breast feeding is perfectly normal and appropriate.  

Worrying about a mother breastfeeding in a doctor’s surgery waiting room is repressed, abnormal and a bit creepy.  

I breastfed in public and always did it fairly discreetly, wearing feeding tops etc. Mainly because I had no desire to have strangers looking at my breasts. I have been in a doctors waiting room where a woman whipped out a huge veiny breast and started feeding a toddler, she sat there half naked and the poor elderly bloke next to her nearly had a heart attack. So while there is nothing wrong with doing it in public I do think women should be mindful of the people around them.

I used to breast feed absolutely anywhere and everywhere I needed to but no one ever saw anything. Once sitting on the seafront a sweet old man sat down next to me and leant over to admire the (he assumed sleeping) baby in my arms and he was mortified when he realised I was feeding. But tbh I didn't mind at all. 

As nexis said breastfed babies tend to feed little and often, they can't wait and they usually won't take a bottle. Neither of my babies ever drank from a bottle at all 

I think ebidta needs a new writing team, the LAD concussed Timothy Lumsden plot showed promise but this is just a lazy phone in

I thought this was a wind up. Of course it's acceptable. And what they all said.

That poor old man stumbling helplessly upon Hoolie's snoopy's.  

Wot Hoolie sed

It depends totally on the firmness / superbness of the breasts

she was clearly making a statement 

SPOT ON.  A STATEMENT.  Which was "my infant needs food".

Fucks sake what is wrong with people.

I think it is a bit bizarre how a small number of women make a deliberate choice to expose most of their breast when breastfeeding, when virtually every other way would reduce the amount of breast on show. That I feel is trying to make a statement/get a rise out of someone. I don't personally have a problem with any method of breastfeeding, but I do feel guilty/pervy if I look their way (usually to admire the baby).

The only issue I have with breast feeding is that it can fucking ruin an otherwise excellent pair of tits. 

I would expect some funny looks if I tried it tbh.