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My beautiful friend is not gay.  Oh dear.  This is actually really bloody bad.  :(

I hope I’m not going to obsess about her like I do my wife.  This is potentially really really fucking bad. :(

Have u tried just meeting women and not being weird about them?

Are you hoping that a strong dose of strutter manlove would cure you of your infatuation with your non-lesbian friend?

No, it’s not a thing I can control, it’s a mental health issue.

I have something called attachment disorder. I also have something called disassociate Idebtiry disorde.  Not a wonderful combination.  I shouldn’t be online, I’m currently typing through tears.  Sorry.

Sorry guys, I’ll bugger off.  Just really upset. Stupid idiot that I am. Sorry.

Nah don’t be. I’m not normal anymore, I wish I was.  I used to be but well, after you met me actually, I had a complete breakdown (not caused by you, heh) and that just triggered all sorts of random mental health problems which had pretty mich been buried over the years.  I really was normal once heh.  But not now, but I’m fucking lucky that I have the financial means to be able to support myself (barely) without having to work.  I’m ok now, had a damn good cry and feeling a bit better.

Ok so.  My doctor who is listed as an associate specialist psychiatrist diagnosed me with ‘depression with anxiety’ ‘attachment disorder’ ‘disassociative identity disorder’ ‘aspergers’.

DID is basically what used to be called ‘multiple personality disorder’.  So, gang, that’s why I’m a bit weird at times.  I do apologise, didn’t used to be this mad lol.

‘Mad’ is an unhelpful pejorative term. ‘Unwell’ is better. Chin up chap. Lay off the rof unless it helps. 

You’re one of the best people I know actually. Even when I resigned you were there for me. I do thank you.


Don't live in isolation or make stuff up. Most on here are fairly normal in real life. A couple of them I have doubts about, but I'd buy you a pint and have a chat.

I am a great believer in forcing the body to sort itself out

In your position, I would be doing a 3 hour run every day to force the

chemicals in your body to shape up and stop slacking  

It is only when invaded by malaria that the body's defence

mechanism bestirs itself to fight the cancer cells that have already


I really don't think the pint would be helpful, Chambo.


Tecco, you don't do yourself any favours m4.  I mean this in the kindest way, I don't think you should be on RoF.  It doesn't seem to be helping you.  Do you have any family or close friends (real, proper, friends for life friends) you can spend some proper time with whilst you sort yourself out?  We both know that you and I don't get on, but I would genuinely like you to be ok.

Best of luck and I call a truce on taking the piss out of you. Not indefinitely though - I'm only human.

A pint of orange juice then Stix. The chat was the more important bit.

Sadly nope.  I really am alone mate, hence my attachment to rof, it's about as close as I come to friends.  Pathetic but true.

Poor you Tecco. I hope things get better for you. If you do decide to lay off ROF, please don't disappear completely. All the best to you, fellow Welshie.

Bernstein, heh sorry mate but you'd struggle to do a three hour run if you had my body.  No offence intended here but I had seven months of chemotherapy last year, my right leg is essentially broken, completely broken.  I have to walk with a stick.  So yeah, but no.

Diolch Gwen.  Wish things were better but, meh, life moves on I suppose.  Was just talking to a French friend of mine and she made me see quite a lot of perspective.  I really am very much in a better place than most.  

this is horrible. struggling with mental health issues is fucking horrendous. take care ☹️

Cheers tam, you're not wrong it's a pile of wank, but I suppose the only good thing about it (is there a good thing?) is that half the time I don't actually realise just how unwell I am.  It's bollocks but hey, ignorance can be bliss.

Ok, I think what I'm about to ask might come across as patronising.  It's not meant to - perspective is very different when you're not yourself.

Is there anyone at all back in Wales?  In London?  Are you just saying you've got nobody because you think you'll be a burden?  Before you went fucking weird you seemed like a nice enough guy - you must have people from before?

Again, not intending to be patronising or rude, just actually trying to help for once.

Honestly mate, I do have a few people from before but I've burned a fair few bridges.

Also, I've had a bunch of people fucking die on me.  Most of that was from my early years.  Like you say, I did used to be normal.  Then, when something triggered me, a whole bunch of random menkle shit kicked off.  Bleargh you aren't being patronising or rude.  Not at all.  Just, I genuinely don't really have anyone anymore.  Not in this country at least.  I have been invited to south west France as my friend is rather worried about me and she is in a similar situation really.  So may do that.

Tecco m7, we’ve not met but you’re one of the most engaging posters on here, and everyone here is rooting for you. I think ROF is surprisingly good to unburden yourself and vent and talk any time day or night (as long as you know when it’s time to seek professional medical attention - which you’ve done). 

You’ll get through it mate, no matter how hard it seems now. Keep venting and talking here and don’t vanish like Osama. 

That really is incredibly kind of you straun.  Thank you for that.  A lot of folks will probably wish that I wouldn't post, don't need more crazies and all that, heh.  But for me, rof has always been a fun vent, I've met a load of really brilliant folks actually.  Don't think I've ever met anyone I didn't like (other than clergs, obv).  ;)

People I miss most would include pinkie... where is he? And obv Osama.

Tecco... ...stop wibbling on about being menkal. How do you know she isn't lesbian... ...for example if you saw me you would think unkempt but not necessarily gay.

To be clear...

...please express your condition on RoF but can we stay on the point of the OP please :)



it came up in conversation, about how she wants to get her ex boyfriend to leave her alone.  I said that I'd always thought she was gay as I knew she had an ex girlfriend but turns out, no, she's just greedy.


Ah... ...she's definitely gay...'s just taken her a while to ease into it.