bread sauce?
deadpartnerwalkingX 12 Dec 18 19:04
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can I use brown bread crumbs? or is that going to look unappetising? 


White breadcrumbs. Waitrose stock fresh ones if you’re completely unable to make your own!!

and don’t forget the bay leaves...

no brown is fine. I include crusts for colour ( and texture) otherwise it looks like porridge.


ofc i make breadcrumbs! What else do you do with old bits of bread?? They get crumbed and frozen chez minkie. Some get mixed with grated parmesan for pasta bake toppings.

I’m near vomming just by reading this thread.

its like olives. How the actual fuck do you convince yourself that this utter dreadful shite is in any way palatable. 

We love it Tec!

a forkful of : parsnip, bacon roll, bread sauce is just out of this world.

And on the third day Moses came down from the mountain and sayeth “the lord has given his first commandment which is that no sauce other than ketchup should sully his beloved bacon roll.  Even if a cheese slice and fried egg is includeth.  Especially so tbh mine children.”

Its biblical law. Fact.

no Tec I meant pig in blanket not bacon roll as in bacon in a bread roll. Soz.

You said bacon roll.

That means one thing to me.  I am like the cyberdine systems t100 when it comes to bacon rolls. 

Nom nom nom.  

What kind of freak has a cheese slice anywhere near a fried egg?

Mini baguette, freshly warmed.

Two slices of fried in butter bacon.


Cheese slice, popped back into oven to melt into the bacon while you finish off the egg.

Fried egg.

Satisfied enjoyment of the greatest breakfast you can have and smugness at culinary noobs like pandashagger.



yes, sorry Tec.

this is like when Mr M says should I do the dishwasher when he means the washing machine. 

Double sorry. This is just drivel now. Waiting on tenterhooks for the vote. I have already cleaned the kitchen worktops which didnt really need cleaning.

Heh I do the dishwasher/washing machine mixup too.  It wouldn’t be a problem as I live alone and my new cleaner just fucking ignores me anyway.  However it was a minor point of contention when I was buying my entire kitchen and utility room on Black Friday!!

Bread sauce is just wrong.  Turkey and trimmings require gravy and mustard for the pigs in blankets.

Bread sauce is ergh. So many superior condiments. 

Tec it doesnt help when he also calls the dishwasher ( or is that that the washing machine?) the wishdosher.

i have to apply all sorts of mental acrobatics to understand him.

bread sauce is the EMPEROR of accompaniments to poultry and game birds!

pleased to hear a confident assertion that brown bread is ok - i think there might be a geriatric baguette in the freezer which can go in as well.

recipes please! 

bay leaves, onion, holly, milk...

Make sure the onion has some cloves stuck in it when you heat up the milk...make sure the bay leaves are in there (I'll always chuck two fresh ones in). Mmm. Love home made bread sauce, it's just the best.

Bread sauce is the exact same consistency as cat sick.  

Not going near xmas dinner on my watch.

cloves! i think my mum used to do that and her bread sauce was the finest known to humanity.

Yes, cloves. 


If your brown bread is real brown bread, its own flavour will be too strong and overpower the bay leaf, onion, and clove.


Holly is poisonous by the way, don't put holly in it. 

I love bread sauce  I use white bread and chopped onions and a touch of garlic

holly was a very bad joke - no idea why i said holly! i'm not feeling very well, that's my excuse....

leith is sound on these sorts of classics - cloves it is.

definitely cloves, stuck in the onion so they dont get lost. But NOT TOO MANY. This is why people say no to cloves, often people use too many.

1pt milk, 1 onion peeled and cut in two with 5 cloves sruck in max. 1 bayleaf. Black pepper. Simmer for 10 mins and then leave off heat for curther 20 mins. Remove bits. Add stale bread crumbs little at a rime, they will expand alarmingly, you dont want too stodgy. Breadcrumbs whould be a bit chunky. Youre not making porridge. Bring to simmer. Add knob butter and/or drop of cream and season. Keep warm.

dont let milk burn at any point. 

love bread sauce, and turkey needs all the help it can get

also vote for cloves

love bread sauce, and turkey needs all the help it can get

also vote for cloves

yes four. Or three if youre greedy! It freezes fine so dont let that put you off

Justinian included the requirement for cloves in bread sauce in the Institutes.  It's a fact.  Or at any rate int orter be.  

How can anyone eat bread sauce?  It's like warm sick.  I'm feeling nauseous just typing this.

No, people say no to cloves because they are repulsive.  They are the pustulant roots of Satan's ingrowing sack hairs.

Bread sauce is vile, and its consumption marks you out as someone who flays puppies for fun.

"I don't like what you like, therefore you are EVIL" <- the state of all social meeja today, as demonstrated ably by Lear's_fool.

Glad to see you pushing against the Twittersphere zeitgeist....

Dear Po, I would like to introduce to to Face, I believe you would make a good couple.

just wait until you get Foolio started on avocados and mayonnaise heheh ;)


Over bread sauce.

You seriously thought I sounded like I actually judge people because of their views n bread sauce?

I don't, for the avoidance of doubt.

I do, however, judge people who think it is possible to judge others because of their views on bread sauce.

For the avoidance of further doubt, I am now taking my crutches and going away.  You appear to want to start a fight, and this cripple isn't playing.

Bread sauce is only eaten by people who eat congealed monkeyspaff. for it is one and the same.  I think that's in Deuteronomy.

I just thought you sounded unnecessarily aggressive, that's all. you said, it's only bread sauce...

heh at this!

the country is divided again over an issue beginning with "b"

Bleurgh to bread sauce.  Stuffing, yes.  Bread sauce, no.

This is almost as bad as the "overtired"/"oh, they're tired" debate.

How do you like your turkey dpw?


with badger spaff on please sir.


i always imagined that badger spaff would be black and white - sort of like raspberry ripple?


DPW?  Double penetrated and wanked?  Well that's one way to baste a turkey, I suppose.