Bots, trolls and London

The ferocious twitter campaign against Sadiq Khan continues apace. I see there's another account "LondonStreets" which basically churns out murder statistics and occasional fake news. Depressing number of followers. 

I've seen this spread recently to what appear to be right wing trolls attacking the police in general. Regional police stories tend to get numerous responses along the lines of "Too soft on criminals", "They should be investigating crimes instead of appearing at Pride" and pointing out knife crime as well as an insinuation that lack of gun ownership is a cause of all this. 

I used to dismiss it all as Russian based. Is it still the case, or are these actually coming from the US now? Account biogs usually have a union jack, an automatic rifle, the words "veteran" are usually in there, and a variation of the phrase "tired of getting the blame for terrorism". Are these NRA lobbyists? 

Twitter really disturbs me. 

My view based on nothing more than watching some Adam Curtis documentaries is that it all stems from Russia and is just devised to spread discord with no particular policy aim above that. 

Some like pridemoth and dux get sucked in.  


I saw that the police wants to be 50 - 50 men and women. I applaud that and think the army should be too. Any discrepancies in the number of killed and injured officers or soldiers should be examined as it is evidence of anti-male prejudice too. For too long have men bourne the burden of the physical and emotional labour required to keep out streets and country safe. Time for women to start pulling their weight!

Sadiq Khan's twitter replies are the single worst place on the entire internet. It's genuinely horrifying. 

They're not Russians, they're really your fellow countrymen. 

I cannot recommend Timothy Snyder's The Road to Unfreedom highly enough. It picks up a lot of Curtis' point from Hypernormalisation but it meticulously researched and footnoted.

Bentines 2018 called it wants you back. In 2019 we are striving for equality. Kamerad. Er, I mean, m7.

Conversely when there is understandable public concern around knife and other violent crime, it is isn't helpful to dismiss all criticisms of crime rise as either Daily Mail nutcases or Russian interference. London violent crime and ineffective policing isn't anything to be smug about. 

I am not going to get into a murder rate argument. Anyone can look up the figures. And no one is being smug. I'm just wondering who is doing the shit stirring.