Boris will admit ‘serious mistakes’ over parties
Grouville St. Mary 27 Jan 22 05:54
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he’s toast

the tories will surely boot him out

wirh a sensible adult in charge they’ve still got a good chance of winning the next election

On any reasonable metric he would be toast, but these people are beyond that. Maybe the markets being in the toilet will nudge them. #getbrexitundone

I think what the Tory party MPs and members will not forgive is he had a massive majority  and should have been able to keep Labour out of power for one (definitely), two (likely) and (even possibly) three more elections – which would have basically marginalized the Labour Party into a peacnik side show pushing agendas that people listen to and support (like Greenpeace or CND) but have zero chance of ever actually having power. 


This has given a lifeline to the Labour Party and Kier Starmer – who is still god awful dull – and may allow the Labour Party  to claw its way back from the brink of irrelevance.


I also cannot forgive the Conservatives from becoming the party of high tax.


Will he do his hangdog sorry eyes again? Or will he do his PMQs booster boy routine? Or will he do both depending on audience like the bloated, lying shitebag he is.

He is now going to refuse to resign until the police investigation concludes right?

can we all at least agree 1 thing:

given the vandalism and lasting damage he and his cronies have repeatedly done 2 our fragile constitution, our clumsy version of democracy, the balance of ideological make-up of our leading political parties, our economy, our attempts 2 allevi7 poverty, our international trade, our unity as a group of nations, our international status and reputation, our rule of law and our welfare systems (both mand7ed and societal), allied with his encouragement of rampant graft, st7 capture, divisive politics, victim blaming, minorities blaming, let alone his inability 2 proactively govern or take responsibility, his flagrant lies and gross hypocrisies and his deep personal flaws and lack of convictions, other than self-promotion,

it will b pretty fooking pathetic and damning if he’s brought down by wot is, essentially, a couple of minor technical breaches of some fairly dumb rules

The question is, will they wait for the local elections in may and boot him out after they lose the country, or will they go before and then try the "we turn our party around" line. 

faod i ’preci7 there r some fairly gaping omissions in that list of errors, failures and shortcomings of the worst administration in english history, worse even than richard the lionheart, it’s just i needed 2 get 2 the point

He’s praying that Vlad throws him a lifeline and it all kicks off in Ukraine. Double bubble time as he gets to do his Churchill routine and everyone hopefully moves on to more important things. 

I don’t care how he goes oracle, the country was fvcking stupid enough to let him into power, he’s divided it completely, anything will do.

it will b pretty fooking pathetic and damning if he’s brought down by wot is, essentially, a couple of minor technical breaches of some fairly dumb rules

the really pathetic thing is his repeated lies in HoP about it. 

Anyone still claiming he is being brought down by cake or drinks in the garden is a useful idiot. As Kimmy says, he is going down because he lied and lied about it, letting leaky Dom play him like a fiddle and dominate government effort for weeks on end. 

Look at the polls to see why he should go, don't quibble over "ambushed by cake" stuff.

oh yeah i agree; i will b delighted if he does go

and i accept that pretending it is isol7ed 2 the party itself is a false narrative

my point is just this is a sorry st7 4 our 1time proud, important and well-governed country that it’s taken this 2 bring him down, when there is a litany (wot’s bigger than a litany?) of other even more serious offences that should have ended him, let alone the completely korrekt point that he should never have been there in the 1st place

Well that’s down to the electorate, and let’s not forget the piss poor alternative being comrade jezza. 

Boris being there in the first place is just as much the responsibility of the tory party as the electorate, even more so seeing as they put him there to be paraded in front of the electorate and knew fine well what a lying khunt he is and how utterly sh1t at being PM he would be, to the detriment of us all. khunts. 

RR, I disagree, but maybe I am one of the useful idiots. It isn’t just the lies, it is the great number of breaches / parties that happened. One or two, and even having lied, it wouldn’t be the death of him. But what is coming out now is that he never thought any of the rules applied to him. We knew a bit of this anyway because he went around shaking hands with Covid patients, not wearing masks, and he caught a serious case of Covid and nearly died. At the time I think a lot of people believed, well he’s essentially a key worker who HAS to meet people. It’s not that surprising he caught it. But now we know he probably caught it because No 10 was not practising any social distancing and the people who worked there considered it to be a non-social-distancing oasis from the outside world. I would be willing to bet there was less social distancing there than pre-Covid, as they all took advantage of “the rules don’t apply to us”.

People can forgive the lie. Everybody has always known that Boris is a liar and he was voted in with a stiff majority with that as common knowledge. People cannot forgive that No 10 engaged in trivial social events like parties and quizzes, when people around the country were being prevented from attending funerals or visiting their dying relatives in hospital. That is pure contempt by Boris and his cronies. One or two slips, and the lies, would have been fine, but widespread long-term refusal to comply will be fatal for him. And he will be remembered as the PM who was brought down by cake. Decades in the future that will seem a bizarre way to have lost the premiership, without explaining what Covid and lockdown was like. What this has shown is that he is a man of no willpower, having seen himself from childhood as “World king in waiting”. What a pathetic way to go. I truly hope he has no place or role in public life  once he has gone.