Boris Johnson arg

Wtf is wrong with Tories seriously

One might apply a number of adjectives to your average OE, but ‘scum’ really isn’t one of them.

That really depends on how you define scum, Strutter. 

Are you saying rich people can't be scum? 

I'm lolling so hard @ BoJo delivering a speech from behind a pedestal that says "BACK BORIS". Only in UK politics and cheesy American tween movies where the nerd campaigns to be elected student body president.

'But he said leaving no deal on the table was a "vital tool of negotiation" and the UK "must do better than the current withdrawal agreement".'

I understand that there will be no more going back to the table re the Withdrawal agreement 

The EU had said this over and over again

What don't these people understand about that or am I missing something?

There was an article in the Times I think it was where supporters of boris were saying he would if he became PM be more like a company chairman , and not a CEO, as he doesn’t do detail and concentration very well so the grind of day to day government won’t suit him well and he accepts that .

jesus Christ is he /they for real ?

I am v surprised no-one has yet photoshopped the b and the a of the 'Back Boris' pictures

it's crying out for it