Boris Johnson

the next Prime Minister. I actually think he'll be very good.

Fvcking hell.

bojo or Corbyn. Could it actually get any worse?

Mr Johnson might in fact come to lead the Conservative Party.  His fellow MPs fear and loathe him, but all they can do is put forward two candidates.  Mr Johnson might just get to be one of them.  The party membership has the final say.  The party membership is rural where Britain is urban, mainly upper-middle-class and the average age is 72.  Mr Johnson has a minor talent for public speaking and persiflage, and that might persuade them as it goes down very well at bunfights and fundraising dinners.  

So what is Mr Johnson apart from a person with a minor talent for public speaking ? 

(1) He is a confirmed liar, sacked from two jobs for lying to the public and to his boss.  

(2) He is a womanizer and an adulterer, who has gone through two marriages and a number of girlfriends along the way, lying his way copiously through any difficulties.  

(3) He is a bully.  

(4) He is a snob.  

(5) He is a lazy bar steward who never does a hand's turn.  

(6) He has no political ideas and no political programme beyond what he thinks will be good for himself.  

(7) He has no political alliances beyond the merest expediency because he has previously stabbed them all, some in the back but most in the front.  

(8) He is a narcissist, who thinks only of himself and his emotions.  

(9) He is in hock to a number of foreign newspaper proprietors and has to do what they say. 

(10) He was the worst Foreign Secretary for at least a century, earning scorn and disdain from Britain's allies and Britain's enemies for his totally abysmal performance.  

(11) He is a dilettante, refusing to take anything or anyone seriously in a serious world.  

(12) He is totally unfit for high office, and even for being an MP.  John Major is said to have advised Cameron NOT to let BJ become and MP again after his time as Mayor of London.  

(13) He has had extensive opportunities to build contacts over the course of his career.  Most people who have actually dealt with him don't hold him in any regard.  

(14) He has had extensive opportunities to gain experience over the course of his career.  Trouble is, he was not actually involved in any of the things he presided over, didn't read the papers, didn't take it seriously and cannot remember anything of it.  He has in effect no experience except of media manipulation.  As Mayor of London, he had a fixer who did everything for him and took the decisions  

(15) He has had extensive opportunities to develop judgment and wisdom over the course of his career.  This has not happened.  

It is very difficult indeed to think of a person who would be a worse Prime Minister than Mr Johnson.  The Conservative Party may be in difficulties, but it has at least a dozen people who are of appropriate seniority and experience who would be fit and suitable for the job. 

Mr Johnson is definitely not one of them.  


​​​​​yep to all of that. I wouldnt be too sure about the party members though, i bet they are sick of him too.

"(3) He is a bully.  

(4) He is a snob."

So was Churchill but he's basically a saint in the eyes of many.

well, I don't agree.

He is charismatic and has the ability to speak publicly as a leader. And tbf, that's really all you need to do the job.

well that worked d for Cameron didnt it..until he made that Fatal Error. People will remember that, not so long ago, was it.

DC has just announced the release of his new book entitled "for the record". what a d1ck.

I will be amazed if Johnson gets anywhere near the ballot paper. The 'anyone but Boris' faction will kick in

although given the world is batshit these days who the fuck knows any more

After the Brexit debacle putting that treacherous clown in charge would seal the deal on our descent from a globally respected country to basket case and international laughing stock.    The final coup de grace for our post-Imperial decline.

Surely he's a shoe in? the party membership will definitely elect him if he gets through to the last two. And surely he has enough brexit supporters to get him to the last two?

I think it's 50/50 at best as to whether he makes the last 2. 

DS, you forgot to mention the fact that the rest of the world thinks he's a fucking joke.

See and that is why I always post „fuck off“ on every IG thread, he’s a bloody retard. One thinks „ok but he’s a harmless retard so don’t be like that“ but is he harmless?

If he’s on the members ballot paper it’s a forgone conclusion isn’t it?  Whoever the opponent is would be a remainer / soft Brexiter and would get thumped by the members. 

So if you’re a Brexiter MP he’s the obvious choice as I don’t think you get the same certainty of a victory with anyone else. 

The question is then whether the central part of the party manage to organise so as to get two central / remain candidates on the ballot. My suspicion is they are not that organised / capable. 

By way of example our high profile Remainer Tory MP was seriously asking whether the absolute thumping the Tories got in the locals round here was due to an unpopular car park that was being built. 

Like, are you really that stupid?

it may have been, they have all been blaming Brexit, but Private Eye had another slant on it in the latest issue, after all they were local council elections

I agree that Mr Johnson might scrape his way to winning a leadership contest.  His fellow MPs fear and loathe him, but he is the Brexiteer candidate and if that can get him into the final two, I agree that the geriatric and deluded membership of the Conservative Parrty might choose him.  

That would make him, however I probably, leader of the Conservative Party.  It would NOT make him Prime Minister.  To get to be PM he has to be able to command a majority in the Commons.

At least a dozen current Conservative MPs have indicated that of Mr Johnson became Leader they would resign the Conservative whip.  At least another forty are said to be minded the same way.  

His current Parliamentary majority is less than ten.  I cannot see him ever being able to form a government in this Parliament.

Michael Heseltine was on R4 earlier saying basically that Johnson has proven himself unfit to be PM (viz his stint at the FO).


thank you Michael Heseltine for mansplaining Bojo’s career for us.

i dont think he will get the nod, too marmite, they need a unification candidate.


Whether he’s marmite or just plain shite, winning the Leadership election does not make him PM unless he can form a government.  

Many Tory MPs have already said they would resign the whip  rather than work with him as PM. Even more are thinking this privately. Even more Tory MPs have little to lose because they will definitely not get re-elected at the General Election.  

BJ will never get to be PM in this Parliament.