Boris holding on

as his delayed wedding reception is due to be at Chequers and invitations already sent out reports Bloomberg 

I am no bozo fan but would be a bit meanspirited for new PM not to let him have a lend  for the day surely?

I suspect it wouldn't be as simple as the new PM being OK with it, the rules around the use of Chequers will be absolutely byzantine I am sure. 

Some tory donor or maybe even the Queen could offer up somewhere equally spectacular though... 

ironic that for all his lifelong ambition and desire to be PM the thing which he really wants to hold onto at the bitter end is making sure his very young wife is happy.  

No doubt "its my party and I'll cry if I want to Boris, you said we could hold my pardee at chequers.."....

I don’t think it’s a question of him making her happy - this is fat Alex we’re talking about and there’s only one person’s happiness that really concerns him.

It is all about her not making his life a misery if she doesn’t get what she wants.

Why are you so fixated on Carrie being the cause of Bodge's issues, Anon? Bodge has proved time and time again he is the architect of his own bullsht1t.

Not fixated. 

Just a bit struck by how her presence seems to have entirely overshadowed his professed ambition and political drive over past decades and I am not saying that because i particularly admired any of that ambition or drive etc  I am just a bit shocked that men in this type of position cannot get a grip on their domestic situation more so it does not compromise their professional standing.

Dunno, I just imagined when he at last got the PM gig he might literally put nothing above that opportunity but he didn't he clearly put Carrie above that opportunity (or at the very least allowed her to park herself above his role as PM).

Her presence has overshadowed nothing.  He wanted to be the king of the world, but was also a lazy, lying, narcissist.  His behaviour as PM is entirely consistent with the rest of his life. He could have been single or married to Mother Teresa and he still would have done the same thing.

Carrie's an easy target - a bit like Anne Boleyn/Marie Antoinette/Tsarina Alexandra.  High visibility thanks to her age/manner in which her relationship with Boris commenced, and probably too keen to advance her friends.  But the reality is that Boris is Boris ie. a lazy lying khunt with the morals of an alley cat. 

If it wasn't Carrie in no. 10 it would have been Jennifer Arcuri or some other paramour of the World King.  

She isn't to blame for him but he is to blame for her

He sure as shit didn't insist on the wallpaper 

Heh.  Almost admire the brass neckery involved.  A departing working class PM would never have thought to ask for that. 

What will he do next, make a ton of money on the speech circuit, or something else. Expect him to resurface somewhere prominent, like a buoyant turd in a waterpark

Right wing telly in America plus telegraph column probably. Coin it in on the US uni lecture circuit.

not sure who these people are who are willing to cough up £300k to hear our worst ever PM speak but I’m assured they exist

The treehouse does show that he did plan longevity assume he had the job for as long as he wanted.

He still hasn't officially resigned.