Boris first siting PM since 1906 to lose his seat?

Assuming he gets to a GE could happen.

how I would laugh,it would be like Portillo in 1997 x 10

Sadly I think if this happened it would probably make the top ten moments in my life so far. 

Agree, although he’s probably safe as it’s a Con/Lab seat, so providing Magic Grandpa is still attempting to lead the opposition at the next GE he’ll be ok.


wont they parachute him to a safer seat if he is party leader - there must be some old fart about to retire in a shire somewhere.

Would the same people who elected Ken Clarke elect Boris?

Dunno, but plenty of voters vote for the party rather than the individual.

Not as funny as would be Labour finally getting the election Corbyn craves, Labour doing well and becoming the largest party but the stupid khunt losing his seat in Islington.

No Corbo at Glastonbury this year I notice - far from "oh Jeremy Corbyn" he would have  booed from the stage.

Don't get too excited at the prospect of Boris losing, you'll likely end up very let down.

In 2015 Boris got a majority of 10,695 over Labour, on a turnout of 44,811. That year UKIP polled 6,346, LibDems 2,215 and Greens 1,414.

In 2017 his majority did halve to 5,034, but there was actually a swing to him as his vote went up both in percentage and real number terms. That time UKIP polled 1,577, LibDems 1,835 and Greens 884.

In both elections Boris secured over 50% of the votes.

To unseat Boris Labour will need to have all the LibDems and Greens vote with them and find another 1,623 votes from somewhere. That's not even accounting for the UKIP/Brexit Party vote, and I expect Boris will only fight an election on a 'delivering Brexit' basis so that rump UKIP (now Brexit Party) vote will likely cleave to him.

There's also the fact that generally PMs tend to have their votes inflated by their office for no better reason than people like to vote for a leader. 

All in all, don't get your hopes up. 

I don't think anyone's hopes are up, it's just something that would be awesome if it happened.