Boris : “explanation needed“

lots of commentators and politicians saying that Boris needs to give an explanation for the events leading to the police calling at his girlfriends home that night.

The reports say that a spilt glass of wine on the sofa featured prominently  – maybe the explanation is they had a cat who knocked over the wineglass and Boris’ girlfriend was simply telling the cat to “get off” the sofa.

Just a thought 


Storm in a teacup

Glad those ghastly Remainer types next-door who concocted all this are being made to look silly in the Press

It’s been interesting watching right wing types leap to the defence of domestic abuse.

Remember the Darius guppy stuff?

The guy is a fucking monster



Eh? Regardless of politics, surely no-one is taking this seriously? Couple have row, neighbours sell the story to The Guardian. **** off. 

"domestic abuse"

Oh **** right off. They had a blazing row about spilling wine on a sofa. Imagine if the Press were notified every time you had a barney with someone, especially in the privacy of your own home. It would be embarrassing enough for nobodies like us, it's mortifying for those in the public eye. 

Zero sympathy. The Police mercifully agreed. 

Would you call the fuzz every time you heard neighbours arguing? Would you sh1te. 


And I'm, not saying this because he's a Brexiteer. I had every sympathy with poor Layla Moran when some tedes were scrutinising her private life. 

If I heard screams at 2am absolutely. 

silence enables abuse.

I find the double standard on show here re Mark Field and Boris Johnson in the last couple of days predictably depressing. The greenpeace protestor armed with nothing but peer reviewed science may have been a violent terrorist and  definitely needed the most forceful possible restraint, but a woman screaming "get off me" at 2am is all good clean fun and everyone should politely look the other way. 

I firmly believe of course that everyone on here lead such harmonious lives that they've never had a stand-up row with their partner, nor anyone else for that matter. And, were they to fall from grace in such a heinous manner, they would be only too happy for the details of their marital discord to be shared with the national newspapers.

A m6 of mine is hosting one of the hustings and asked if you could ask Bozza only one question what would it be? I'd forgotten about the Darius Neon Tetra or whatever his name is stuff.

He’s entitled to not to explain himself.

But it’s a stupid move.

He’d be better off saying - running for PM is stressful, girlfriend and I had a row, exchanged angry words over something trivial, neighbours didn’t need to call the Police, but can understand why they did, no hard feelings all round, everyone rows from time to time and we’ve all moved on.

There done.

Sozzadidya - I agree, and that's exactly what I would say tbf. But he's also maintained his dignity by saying nothing at all and allowing the facts of this non-story speak for themselves. 

It's not marital discord is it tho. They've been shagging for about 6 months. If this is the honeymoon phase god help them. 

Boris is an actual dignity free zone dux. I don't believe you can't see it 

I'm no defender of Bozza and I think there are aspects of his conduct in the past which make one question his judgement and certainly his integrity. But I do feel very strongly that one's private life, as long as it entails nothing criminal, should remain private. 

And how do we know if it entails anything criminal if anyone concerned about hearing screams at 2am should just mind their own business? 


You know you're wrong here 

don’t get me wrong linda as on the whole i’m with u on this one

but the police investigated and found nothing to be concerned about

so I think (while acknowledging that the police are hardly lily white) we can give him the benefit of the doubt that no crime occurred

plus innocent until proven guilty and all that

I'm not saying he committed an offence. But following dux's logic no concerned neighbour would ever report anything 

What Hoolie said. 

And if you're the kind of girlfriend who thinks screaming at each other is normal, perhaps you need the police to be called by your neighbours to show you that it isn't. 

Problem is even if they prosecuted her she wouldn't be found guilty women abusers rarely are. Plus she has 'connections'.

even a brain damaged troll could do better than that. Up your game khuntychops. 

Who is this "Thuggy" tede? Appropriate handle for such a rude man.

typical right wing tede there Dux. Absolutely obsessed with “good manners” while espousing the vilest views. 

I bet it cuts you up that you couldn’t vote Trump and then whine about good manners while locking kids in cages eh? 


Surely there can be no criticism of checking on the neighbours when you hear screams in the night and calling the police if you cannot re-assure yourself everything is ok.   The criticism must be in informing the Guardian notwithstanding that the police visited and found no cause for concern.

I consider myself a leftie and hate Boris as much as the next man but given nobody was hurt and it transpires it was just a noisy (and lets face it almost certainly drunken) row I do think it is an unwarranted breach of privacy to go the newspapers with it.

Calling the police was OK if they were actually, genuinely worried for someone's safety.  But seriously, were they? I haven't heard the tape but the quotes don't read likes someone screaming for help.

The issue is not with the police, it's with the way the press are continuing to go after the story when the police have been called and discovered nothing happened.

Man had (loud) argument with girlfriend is a pretty fvcking lame story, even if he does want to be PM.

I think the media would say that it demonstrates the chaotic and unstable nature of his home life which is relevant to how somebody may perform as prime minister -  the prospect of screaming drunken rows in the middle of the night in Number 10 is a legitimate public concern.  On balance though I agree with you.

I don't think you should be waiting for screams for help before calling police - and don't forget they knocked on the door first.  The quotes would have  suggested to me that there may have been domestic abuse taking place - calling the police was the right move.

Isn't it peculiar that Boris Johnson can't seem to behave himself now he's down to the final two in the Tory leadership contest?

A suspicious person might wonder whether he is deliberately behaving so badly that he faces calls from all sides to stand down and, regrettably, has to let Jeremy Hunt be the one to deliver Brexit.

FFS. His life is not 'chaotic and unstable' in any meaningful sense. He is a middle aged bloke who is getting divorced and moved in with his girlfriend. That is perfectly normal.  Rows, even heated rows are also pretty normal.

The guy is a twat and shouldn't be PM but he shouldn't be PM because is a twat not because he is getting divorced and had a row with his new girlfriend.

"A suspicious person might wonder whether he is deliberately behaving so badly that he faces calls from all sides to stand down and, regrettably, has to let Jeremy Hunt be the one to deliver Brexit."


Agree with this


Ceiling cat that is a charmingly naive interpretation of what is going on in his life. He is the incarnation of chaotic.


I might have slightly more time for the concerned neighbours if they had not made a recording of the events and given a copy of that to the leftie press just before a leadership election.



Anna in the first stage of Boris derangement syndrome: denial.

yes yes of course he won't become PM it's simply not possible and ANYWAY he doesn't really want to...

sounds very much like like the straw - clutching Democrats in the US were saying in 2016.

next phase: reeeeeeeee