Boris claiming he didn’t lie

The fact he has to come out and say it is extraordinary enough, but do we believe him dear readers?

Me: Yes, I believe he got JRM to lie for him.

I think this is a bit of a side show and JRM in a meeting of the Privy Council just asks for the order he wants and the Queen just says approved or something similar, not even sure a reason is given at the time as the Q has no choice other than to approve.


Doesn't mean that he is not a dishonest lying bastard which obviously he is. He certainly lied when he said they weren't planning to pirogue Parliament early, and his motives seem to be suspect ( or at least Mc Beak thought so).

and numerous other examples which if listed would tun up this thread.

JRM has been suspiciously quite over the last two days. 

Is he busy working on his 11th or 12th kid?

looking forward to the disclosure/leaks about the plans

That’s the thing I don’t get.

There will be clear written evidence out there that they did prorogue for political reasons and as is the way of things this WILL come out eventually.

He knows this but yet he’s still sticking to the current line.

Does he hope that people will have forgotten when this does come out?

They'd have been better off admitting it in the first place. It was obvious all these lawyerly tricks would be deployed and they'd end up being exposed. This bloke Cummins is not a twat but really not very clever. Just shows how far an Oxbridge degree, scruffy appearance and appalling social skills can fool people, I guess.

I have impeccable social skills thanks, and coming from someone whose life revolves around making snide comments on an anonymous internet board you may want to think twice about casting stones.

Its like Trump, no one will be remotely surprised and the Brexit vote will see it as a means to an end.

Be interesting to see if his Brexit base vote turns on him if he pulls it off and the whole country turns to shit.

Wot T Pot says those who object to a dishonest reckless PM are already against him.  His frothing support base will only desert him when they realise they have to queue up for food and petrol they can no longer afford 

Which is all in yellowhammer and if the fools don’t believe it then let them eat coal.