Boring responsibility question

For inhousers - who has direct running of employment disputes and litigation at your place? My immediate assumption is would be General Counsel but HR director seems to believe this is entirely in their remit. Am I being perverse in believing this to be nonsense?

It's HR where I there are 3lawyers who sit outside of the legal team here

It's HR here too but agree with you that its a less than ideal state of affairs

I am back in pp now, but when I was in house HR tried and failed miserably to manage this. We ended up picking up the pieces time and again.

As soon as it becomes contentious it becomes legal’s responsibility, albeit legal does take instructions still from HR over settlement offers etc. It comes down to cost centres, legal pays the fees, HR pays the settlements. 

At my place the employment lawyers sit in Legal. Employment cases do not go to litigators. Anything contentious goes to Legal like ZG said. Legal and HR together advice the business. Business determines mandate and pays. Nothing goes to court/tribunal without lawyers approval. We 'own' the legal process.