Anybody know the area? I've seen some very nice houses there for £500k. Zone 6. Schools appear to be utter sh1t though.

I know it fairly well. It has a growing orthodox Jewish community and a significant chav element to it. It’s still on the oyster side of the line so covered by TFL. You really want to look around the Deacons hill side and towards Elstree or out towards Shenley side (the village is cute but lacks transport links).

I can’t comment on the state schools though. 

Anything specific you want to know?

when I practised in the Criminal Courts some of my most regular re-appearance Youth clients who frequented the Slough Courts came from Borehamwood. Burglars, car and bike thieves, joyriders, pool cue facial surgeons and general wasters the lot of them.

Their non league team has a reputation for being followed by banned hooligans from bigger London teams. That's all I know about them. But says enough. 

Thanks everyone. Thuggy it was indeed the Deacons Hill side I was looking at. My limited time there has been pretty nice and as you say, the Jewish influence is evident.

Ofsted reports are eye watering. Hertswood Academy seems to be one of the hardest schools in the country. And this in the town where Grange Hill was filmed.

Could be a decent investment for a few years down the line since everywhere else in the area is gentrified.

Muttley as a man of Portsmouth I feel right at home reading that.

Was in pompey the other week.  it is dead smart these days.  didnt see a single tenants super drinker and I was there by 10am...

Was in pompey the other week.  it is dead smart these days.  didnt see a single tenants super drinker and I was there by 10am...

The Jewish schools there are pretty good and property much cheaper than NW London hence the attraction to the Jewish community. 

I might have a look at Radlett too, it’s spennier but relative to London there are still some “bargains” to be had. 

Radlett being outside zone 6 I bet Thameslink massively fvck you on season ticket cost.

Wang my next door neighbours were Skol drinkers and used to fight each other every day from 9pm to exactly 11pm, when they would pass out. Every single day.

it’s obv a bit more than a zone 6 but it’s not like say Beaconsfield

Every time I go to the studios I thank my lucky stars that I don’t have to live in borehamwood

Do you actually thank your lucky stars, or just enjoy the feeling of your perceived superiority?

zzzzzzzzz...... have you ever even heard of borehamwood? or are you doing your usual bitter angry harridan act and looking for people to have a swipe at? go take up mindfulness or something.


There are occasional postings where someone shows themself up for the utter wankpuffin they are. This is one of them. 

if I had a quid for every time someone called me "bitter" on here I'd have at least fourteen pounds