bored out of my wits

if you want to converse with me, please post here

you may choose from the following topics:

1. brexit

2. tits

3. big ole titties

OK I shall converse with myself

me: "tits"

me2: "titten titten titten"

me: "m-hm"

“we’re going to crash out but the riots won’t kick in before July “



there will be an extension until june

then you will crash out

riots probably in september

she has the perfect pair. 


traums is talking out of his arse. Which reminds me - mate if still in HH fancy a drink?

Coffers old fruit, we have met at rof drinks at least once, maybe twice and I am all for doing it again, but driving to HH for that would be excessive. I'll let you know when I'm there and vice versa