Those of you who have had these for a while, how the hell do you cope?  Is there such a thing as a capable strapless bra?  Or any fucking bra that doesn't dig in somewhere.  Are you ever unaware of your boobs and your bra and able to just live your lives?


I spent all my sodding life wishing I had big boobs and now I am a D I want to cut the damned things off.  And I know that's not that big, but this is new to me.  I miss my nice little well behaved Bs.

If you know how to deal with the situation your advice would, for once, be welcomed, my dear.

Thank you.  I wish I knew who you used to post as.  But hey.

I was here before Partner, Student, Three Dots and TDanSmith (LSL). 


Also, I am totally passed 


but wish you all happiness Sixta 

I won't bite again, but I will tip my hat to you for getting me yesterday.

No, i don’t speak BS or have a post doc in vacuous insincerity 


i still think this thead would be better if we focussed on stix's norks

Merkz: pour another scotch. 

wish I could 


but im out 

i have my third consecutive 0400 start tomoz, so not really an option

Merkzy, they are 34D and annoying.  I have spent all day with my bra digging in.  I had to change my whole outfit this morning because I got stuck in a "multiway" bra which you need a fucking degree in engineering to get the straps on, the designer clearly isn't so qualified.  I had to take the damned thing off over my arse in the end.  I got so stressed and cross I put a normal outfit on and spent the day fidgeting because of the boobs and the "normal" bra dug in all day.


Sixta, as you have stopped posting, I hope you are enjoying good company 

yeah but i'll bet you look even hotter than usual

just saying

As time passes I find my own company increasingly agreeable. 

Btw, why not simply do without the ‘annoying’ items? 

My tits?  

Erm, although I threatened to cut them off I didn't actually mean it!

The one I tried earlier was the only style that would work with the dress.

Strapless/multiway bras are the work of the devil, they are never comfortable

i am an F cup and the bras tend to be hideous  with thick straps and the wires fall out constantly

this being RoF someone will come along and tell you the only solution is to spend £90 on a bra at Rigby & Peller


No, the solution to a dress that won't accommodate a proper bra is a roll of £3 athlete tape and ten minutes on YouTube 

hard agree multi-way bras are useless 

My mum stopped wearing underwire bras in her 40s, I am starting to think she was right 

Stix, we are now boob twins!


all my everyday bras are from M&S and are great, but that isn’t to saw I still don’t enjoy that feeling of taking my bra off at the end of a day.


strapless and multi-way bras for people with boobs are a cruel joke

didn’t know u were stacked phoebe

I would *take notes* but that would be weird

The answer to questions two and three is no.


The answer to question one is industrial strength bras

multi way just wont work, too much weight to haul round your neck or whatever.

you’ll have to wear different clothes

non underwired bras are v comfortable but ime only wireless sportsbras provide sufficient support for bigger boobs, you dont want to be wearing sportsbras all the time.

most comfortable wired bras are full cup not halter or push up etc

this is the downside to big knockers.

get used to v necks

I miss my Ds actually

*goes into M&S* 

*walks past the thousands of pretty colourful racks for A to D cups*

*hunts around for the sad little section of DD+ with black or white over the shoulder boulder holders*



this thread is making me fancy a soapy one

bravissimo has masses of choice and all the brands for all budgets

Every bravissimo bra I have had has been itchy and uncomfortable


Stix! 🙋🏼‍♀️ Welcome to the boob club. First thing is that bras are like clothes so a 34D in one brand isn’t necessarily that in another. Also depending on where you were measured, it may well be wrong (M&S is notoriously poor) which is another possible reason why it’s uncomfy. I’d hazard a guess that your back size is smaller than a 34 and that’s why it’s riding up/digging in. Also if you have big boobs, do not wear a multi-way or halterneck as your neck will be so sore and the consequent headache isn’t worth it. There are loads of pretty brands for bigger boobs But sizing is trial and error as some run big/small. 

Go to Bravissimo. They have bralettes which shouldn’t dig in. I’m saving up to cut mine down(!) 

Heh @ this thread.  Do you just topple over now adays Stix?

No advice as have not expertise in this area but wouldn't really tight tops just hold it all in?  That's what I do

“The boob club”.  It would be discriminatory to only allow access to those in possession of a pair rather than those who merely appreciate.  

I have nothing useful to add to this thread. I do however now have boobies very much on my mind! 



Uma Thurmann’s in Dangerous Liaisons come close to perfect. 
Runner up to the evangelical Christian girl I had a thing with at university - oh lord your creations are truly wondrous and I give thanks. 

I cannot usefully contribute for this thread.. my pie efforts all my their way to my arse instead. 

Some sensible advice from the ladies, thank you all.  I shall check out Bravissimo and youtube, and sadly stay away from strapless and halterneck from now on.

BingoPingu, I don't topple over because I have got generally bigger all over and I am, as always, in perfect proportion.

Plenty of junk in the trunk as well as a full balcony. 

Only solution is to spend £90 on a bra at Rigby & Peller

Laz, 34D isn’t stacked, but it is enough to grab on to

I have been inspired by this thread to order a couple of non-wired bralettes from M&S

Any tips for dealing with under boob sweat on a day like this?  Got two wet patched on my t shirt.

My 34Ds have stayed perfectly in place all day with the Wonderbra strapless jobby that has sort of hands in it? Probably the one loops recommended...

Not aiming for subtlety, just telling it how it is 

Yup Meh, that’s the puppy :) enjoy it Stix!!


just be careful how you pack it if you go away as the hands may snap if you fold it badly...-

Pheebs, so long as purchase is available when approaching from behind

As a long time observer and fan of puppies I am surprised to find that feebs, stix and meh all appear to be rocking the same chest size.

I would not have thought this to be the case.

It's almost like women of different heights look different with the same measurements 

who knew 

you clearly need to pay more attention to our boobs and less to our conversation in the pub

I am an expert on this. Trust me get Fantasie or Freya. They do pretty ones. Unless you want saggy boobs later you have to get proper support even if that does mean you have to get functional rather than sexy. Sad but true. 


Are those Wonderbra things comfortable? They look torturous. And don’t they wobble at the top?

Queenie as strapless bras go they’re definitely more comfortable than most and stay up. I didn’t forget I was wearing it but they give good cleavage rather than the standard strapless indent across the top of the chest. 

I found the Wonderbra unbearable, felt really restrictive - the Freya one is totally secure, worn all day long, and there was much unnecessary dancing going on, and I hardly noticed it (and it doesn't leave huge suction marks either).

I cant be bothered to read the whole thread so will just say  cant you just buy a bra that fits?

Erm, Abbs - you know I loves ya, but I'm going to hazard a guess that if there is one thing you know nothing about, it is the female struggle with bra fitting?

I think we need to think about sustainability, child labour laws and rewilding here, can you not just count up your annual bra budget and see if you can just pay someone to hold them up for you? 

this plan comes with the added bonus of pockets and extra bag carrying capacity 

cruella de evil10 Aug 20 14:18

I'm going to hazard a guess that if there is one thing you know nothing about, it is the...... struggle with bra fitting?


well now hang on a minute

Cru, I thought yuou wenr to Rigby and Pellor or John Lewis and got felt up by an older lady in a back dress with a lace collar and told what size you were

Stixta10 Aug 20 14:31

It's not quite as simple as that


hang on

is this one of those infuriating girls things where you just want to whinge about how big a problem this very easily fixed thing is and don't actually want any hint of a sensible solution?

No Sumo. I was having a whinge but I also wanted some advice from people who have more experience than me. 

I can't get a feel for this issue. Could you help me out please?

My experience (and I am somewhat more "stacked" than Stix):-

Curvy Kate - lots of pretty designs, but not nearly as good as they used to be, their quality control has come right down, their bras are probably best for "bedroom" purposes only

Freya - good quality, some nice designs, and good, functional basics (T-shirt, strapless bras) and they do a very good sports bra

Prima Donna - very well made, expensive, true to size, will last you a long time, but not especially exciting designs, in fact, boring as hell

Panache - also some decent designs, but I've stopped buying them because they come up small (I generally have to go up at least a cup size, sometimes even two, but the back sizes are reasonably standard).  The only exception is their sports bra, they are very good (so long as you don't mind the uniboob look, but when it comes to exercise, I don't actually care what they look like, so long as they hold me in place)

M&S - actually, quite disappointing for bigger cups, their range is limited, and I find that they are not all that comfortable

In terms of retailers:

Bravissimo is brilliant, as it has its own brand bras (pretty good), and also stocks all of the major big boob manufacturers

Figleaves - really good selection, excellent search filter, and blooming brilliant returns policy, so you have nothing at all to lose by getting a bunch of bras and trying your luck.


All of this boob chat isn’t making this stifling heat any easier to bear...

What Cru said. Freya is my go-to each and every time. I just know they will fit for my size ( does end of line and reduced) 

Before I can properly consult, I need to know what Stix's boobs look like 

Post your nonny address and I’ll send you a picture