Bojo's girlfriendwh


She looks like she's dragging an innocent passer by off the street for some sort of Tory sacrifice 

I don't think I can bear it if he wins

Scottish independence at all costs if so

maybe that's her lawyer helping her sue for the botched nose job?

She has a glazed corpse pallor

She is an Eva Braun in waiting mark my words

And the way she is holding out her hand

"Come, girl"


There's no good outcome.

Short of aliens coming down and taking over in some sort of benevolent dictatorship, there's no good outcome on the horizon.  The country has become collectively mad.  If it were a dog, it would be put to sleep.  If it were a person, it would be taken into custody for its own safety.

I think a Scottish talking about corpse pallour is very close to the person throwing stones in a glass house (or hoos)

Can you imagine that blubbery pasty white fraggle flopping about like a fish on dry land on top of you? Who ever says shagging your way up is easy, was dead wrong.

Unglazed is the correct and Presbyterian presentation so there

Cannot fathom it, woo, but power does weird things. Also I reckon he seems winningly clever to slightly dumb birds.

chat about glazed appearance just makes me think of glazed hoops.

god I love krispy kremes.


Why would you not buy a dozen? It'll be cheaper than buying ten.

I will eat the other eleven.

I rather fancy her tbf but then my gf is equally as white as I.  Albeit far more redhead than my dashing strawberry blonde. 

Yeah but there's luminous alabaster skin like Rose Leslie and then there's looking like a melted candle from Wilkos.

The Fraggle is BoJo. She can do better than that.

Hmm, that's the second time today I read something about Krispy Kremes and a woman liking a glazed ring.

She looks like she is trying to model herself on Katherine Ryan's style but without being as good looking, funny or talented.

i never understood why women are so horrible to other women.  Sexism in the workplace is balls, its women wanting to control other women

If you think feminism is about not criticising other women because they have the same genitalia as you then I think you have rather missed the point.

Is she the same one he was (allegedly) knocking about with a few months ago or is this another Tory central office regulation issued blonde?

she actually looks like she's been papped while struggling with food poisoning 

I read a BRILLIANT piece on this recently on a feminist website.  It’s all to do with internalised patriarchal subservience apparently.

What, thats the reason women are complete biatches to other women?

Yup.  Without meaning to, they are conforming to the critical analysis of the patriarchy.

You two definitely strike me as men who would really understand what makes women tick 

I don't think people's willingness to mock the gold-digging girlfriend of an odious politician is any reflection on how they treat other women in real life, Flasher.

I’m with Anna on this one.

I mean she’s the pale skinned girlfriend of an older slightly podgy professional politician, fine.

But is that really something for which we can criticise someone?

I suspect anna is at this point reading, slightly startled, that I would recommend an article like that. ;). 

“If you know the enemy and knowyourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

Sun Tzu


I skim read it, but I thought it was a pretty weak article and a weird website, if I'm honest.

But you do need to put some thought into the detail of what is being written. 

I could have written something better than that in PSE when I was 14.

Lord Flasheart12 Jun 19 14:58

i never understood why women are so horrible to other women.  Sexism in the workplace is balls, its women wanting to control other women


persuasive stuff

from the guy who is comfortable being called a nazi

Saying it is “weak” is just your way of putting another woman down, which proves her point.

I'm not putting another woman down, I'm criticising an article written by another woman because it is a weak article which certainly doesn't say anything groundbreaking.

If feminism is about ensuring that women have equal opportunities to men and can compete equally with men on a level playing field, that means women must also be open to criticism in the same way that men are, not pandered to and babied.

Did Sun Tzu really use bold? I'm more of a Lee Child man tbh.

I googled it and c&pd mate, don’t blame me, I’m just trying to be a bit mystic innit.

i have no idea how you came to that conclusion, Sumo. But as "Nazi" now just means "someone who disagrees with me" I can't say i'm desperately offended.

Lady Penelope12 Jun 19 15:31

I'm not putting another woman down


Lady Penelope12 Jun 19 13:47

Yeah she looks like the undead.


errrr, say what?

Tecco was talking about me "putting down" the author of the article (who happens to be a woman), you dumbfuck.

Women should only be held to the same standards men are. Men slag each other off (including on the basis of their appearance) all the time. It's not kind but women being unkind is no more important or noteworthy than men doing it 

you're both holding women to a higher standard than men and pretending to do so on feminist principles. Because you're bored. 

I get why teclis is this bored with life, why are you flash?



it is perfectly kind to slag off Carrie Petacci

Linda - i just really enjoy winding people up. My threads usually do well despite (usually) having little input from me. The reply count just highlights how easily baitable people are. I really dont get why people respond to me, they know i'm only here for one reason.

oh, and i do it cause i'm bored at work

He likes baiting people

One May suggest he is a master at it ;)

i do it IRL too, always makes me chuckle. Always have, dunno why. I was an epic pain in the arse as a child. My poor mother. Anyway, she still loves me, especially as i'm cooking for her tonight while she's on nappy detail

You don't post like someone whose mother loves him, tbh.

Now that’s just wrong.  Everyone’s mum loves them, even mine, despite our recent disagreement.

I meant it is demonstrably not true that everyone's mother loves them.

i never said everyones mother loves them clergs, so what relevance is that question?

To be fair, I think Rose West was only involved in the murders of Fred West's children by other women.

yeah, but i heard they were bad kids. they never tidied their rooms and generally had a bad attitude

Yeah the West murders were properly grim. I think you're right actually about one of the victims being (supposedly) the child of both Fred and Rose West, although according to Wikipedia "speculation remains that Heather may have been sired by Rose's own father".

But I think they killed his two daughters from his first marriage as well as his ex wife, and a variety of female lodgers. And apparently most of Rose's children weren't actually Fred's but were fathered by "clients".

Ugh. Grim.

Ever see the adaptation "Appropriate Adult". Its the same chick from Chernobyl. I never rated Dominic West until i saw this. Really is excellent

I knew Anna didn't like men (other than hubbie and dad who deffo do NOT ever have laddy banter with their mates or watch porn) but wowzer I didn't know she had a downer on women too. 


i love dominic west in the wire

god I wood him so much

only in that, though

I don't have a downer on women, I have a downer on Boris Johnson and his shag piece.

it's actually becoming mainstream to condemn porn consumption

I am not totally on board with thatg but interesting to note

Let's be honest bojo and his girlfriend both know what they are getting out of it. 

Re porn consumption has it ever been socially acceptable?

I think in the sense that it has been assumed all men consume it

I don't know if that's true or not

You know my view on this clergs - every major advancement in human evolution can be linked to fanny pictures or beer...

what was a venus figurine but an aide wankoire for your neolithic traveller.  Otzi otzi otzi, oy oy oy!

Porn is for one off the wrist if you don't have porn then you have to use your imagination which may well be even more depraved... not sure it's a win for puritans. Unless you are saying mbation is no longer socially acceptable (tends to be done in private I would think, no?)

She lives around the corner from me on Camberwell.  All the neighbours have hung out EU flags.

Wot hotnow sed @ 16:34.

More interesting (particularly given Bozza's statement today that his winning the Tory leadership would give him a new mandate) is Bozza's 2007 published commentary on how Gordon Brown taking over from Tony Blair wouldn't give Gordo a mandate and was an absolute disgrace. Most traces of it seem to have been mysteriously disappeared from the Interweb - only one I can find is the New Statesman piece on it a couple of days ago that's behind a paywall and I can't get to, but I can't find any links to Bozza's original 2007 piece (that may well be my ineptitude at Googling rather than anything else). It makes for very intriguing reading comparing 2007 Bozza to 2019 Bozza though...