Blackouts of '74 on C5

That old dinosaur Hezza blaming it all on the workers. 

Billy Bragg doing his usual shtick. 

D-list celebs giving their tuppence worth.

I don't know if it's a symptom or a cause of the decline of broadcast media that they only cater for boomers these days.

fook off all of it

let down by inept politicians at the dawning decades of my life (late 60s through 70s Heath  Wilson) and whipped into an aggressive groupthink in the Thatch years of 79 to 91, fussed and fuddled in the middle 90s until revolution in 97 then subject to cult adoration in late 90s to early noughts by egoBlair nonsense and let down by Brown and Cameron in the working biggies of 2008-16 then undermined by Brexit ineptitude inherited then by liars and shits followed by morons and hmongtardigrades. 

I speak as one aged 4 who headbutted him in the balls running out into the garden of the New Inn, Tresco, Scilly, and can state that his ability to sidestep an urgent little running into the beer garden was inept. 

I think Wilson said his most proud achievement was in establishing The Open University.

My dad, whose family life was uprooted and dislocated in and after the war, had no chance to go to University as a young man.

So he was excited to be one of the very first cohort to join in 1970, and it transformed his later career and opportunities.