Black Crows

anyone have any 

opinions please 

Ive just picked up a used pair of Captis but now worrying they are too narrow although the reviews suggest they really are properly capable on and off piste 

You missed the reference to a moderately obscure 90's band the Black Crows whose best known song is called Hard to Handle.

What are they underfoot? I use a pair of volkl mantra which are 98 and are good off piste but are not so wide as to be unwieldy on piste. How much powder do you anticipate?  It may be that improving your technique is a better idea than going wider. 

I skied on 97s last time (Black Crow Camox) and they were great.


Saw a deal on these captis and ended up buying on a whim. They are 91s which is narrower than i would have wanted but still look decent. I am planning to do at least one day guided off piste and generally search it out most days, snow dependent. BUT i also love carving so...

Did a course with Warren Smith recently which I would recommend.