The bits i miss about being a lawyer all the time...

I miss not having to write Project Brief's for adversarial internal arrangements when I'm a back door hatchet and everyone knows it.

Every fvcking word will be chewed over before and in the project...



and I miss not having to drink with a straw... which isn't related to being a lawyer but woteva

what's the straw bit all about and is that apostrophe there as RoFtrollBait?

apostrophic chaos is my stock in trade when I don't concentrate.... sozzleberries and all that.

Straw is because I broke my jaw and pushed it out of alignment so I have braces for a year or so... and they recommend using a straw to drink coffee and alcohol so you don't get irregularly coloured teeth when they remove the braces.


coffee from a straw though

makes broken jaw seem not the issue

About 8 months ago.  I slipped coming out of my office/bedroom.  did something to my knee and broke my jaw.  The knee bit ended up only with a meniscus tear after all the other bits fixed themselves and even that seems to be fixing without surgery.

Given I am clumsy and live in a cottage with steep stairs and a stone floor.... I dodged a bullet.

The braces also dealt with my non-aligned teeth anyway...


bloody hell that's horrendous

hope you are all right all things considered

It didn't hurt that much and I live alone so don't really talk that much.... just shout at the dogs.

My temporo..... something joint broke and became unhinged.  They used to align and let it fix itself, but that led to bone issues so now they wired the sides of the jaw with a screw in the mouth and braced to push back into alignment.

I didn't actually know I'd broken it and only went to the doctors after a couple of weeks because I couldn't do a rising trot with the knee or grip the horse properly.


I'm obviously fine!

Except... if we could commiserate on this Project Brief please....


shitting hell.

but hang on. How does a broken jaw stop you gripping the horse or doing a rising trot? Are you holding it with your teeth?



oh right. so you went to the doc and said "I've done my knee" and he said "what?" and you repeated it and he said "why aren't you opening your mouth to speak" and the facts came out.

I don't really understand the OP, but commiserations anyway...


I don't understand it either, but show some compassion. This is what RoF writing looks like when someone is using dictation software and has had their jaw wired.