Binoche speaks for Weinstein

At least one actress speaks for Weinstein 

Is it a coincidence that she is one of the most attractive actress alive?

Harv obviously  respected the truly feminine

She's hardly exonerating him saying that he obviously had problems.  She's French so considers sleeping with an older man to get what you want quite normal.

The amount of stupidity, ignorance, racism and sexism in just these two posts is impressive. Yeah, nurof has really changed.

[clubman] you can't trust the French, they don't even wear red trousers[/clubman]

I've always thought Binoche bears a very strong resemblance to Lyds. Not just facially but style wise etc. Not sure many agree though. 

Actually, having reviewed this again...without wishing to out Lydia, they are like identical twins!

Not the slightest resemblance 

Lyds could quite easily change the foresail  on the foredeck during a force 9 / hook up a 16 wheel truck by hand on to its trailer 

Can't see Binoche doing that 

I can see Binoche doing foredeck under six feet of blue water looking sultry with a Gauloise on the go.

Even beautiful women are entitled to an opinion without being called out 

She’s right that the law should be left to take its course. That’s what the law does. Why is this a story?