Best world cup ever ?


‘86 looked good as well although before my time. Strange that they held it in Mexico twice in 16 years…

some fvcking shite nominations on here and no mistake 

2002? 1998? fgs

the best are 1970 (by repute - haven’t seen it), 1986, 1994, and 2018. 2014 also pretty decent.

best european championship, on the other hand, was probably 2000, though I liked 2008 as well

OT: where is the "which big team will get knocked out first" thread.  Was it pulled?  Can't find it by doing a keyword search

"I liked 2006. "

No one liked 2006 dux. Cristiano Ronaldo winking at Wayne Rooney. Horrible. Bring back the real Ronaldo. 

1970 was good. They occasionally rerun the England v Brazil game. We played them off the park but missed all our many chances.

2010 was purest w**k.

The only good thing about ‘06 was the Italy v Germany semi, which is one of the best international games ever, but it was a diamond swimming in sewage.

2014 and 2018 both brilliant, give over

’FF - Mexico ‘86 was because the intended host country - Columbia? - pulled out‘

Ah ok 

christ, imagine a World Cup in Colombia…

yeah probably not best for the actual football but the whole thing has legendary status in my mind and I have probably not been able to watch a tournament since quite so comprehensively.

Enjoyed 1990 as it's the first I really got into, 1994 as I was in the US for most of it, 1998 for Zidane, 2002 watching the final at Glastonbury, 2018 was a great experience with England rolling.

Probably 2002 if I had to pick. Ronaldo assuming his crown.

1990 is of some historic importance to the english game, but otherwise it was quite dull, and it’s primary legacy was a slew of unfit for purposes stadia that actively held back the Italian club game in the decades to come.

‘Certainly the worst Final. Argentina behaved abominably’

’94 final was a stinker too but yes I agree.

W Germany hardly covered themselves in glory either, some of the play acting was outrageous

‘86 was meant to be Colombia but they got hit by loads of earthquakes and could not afford the construction work. It was a mad choice in the first place. But this was a time when the thing was rotating between Europe and South America and it was “their” turn. The US and Canada offered to host instead but Mexico got the best bribes in.

1970 is often rated as the best because the best team won, there was some great football, and there were no match rigging shenanigans like there were in the next three. 1986 was spoilt by the rugby playing drug cheat otherwise that would be up there too. 

Cameroon defender, what me gov, I didnt put Canigga into orbit after my two mates had a go too. Not me guv.

The 2002 England match v Brazil was pretty special. All those great players. Carlos, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo (the real one), David Beckham's mohican. Michael Owen's goal. Seaman with his ponytail and Ronaldinho's freekick (was it a fluke). Quality

I remember watching that 2002 and it was properly depressing. Playing 10 men in the 2nd half and I don’t think we touched the ball. The bad old days of watching England chasing the ball around all game and giving it away as soon as they got it.

i don’t think a single member of that 2002 squad would get in the current team tbh. 

Watching England has rarely been fun in world cups.  Even when we won we tended to scrape a win and there always seem to be a multitude of more entertaining teams.  Please that has changed, based on matches so far we are the most swashbuckling entertaining team in the tournament.

i reckon from the 2002 team ferdinand, cole and scholes would b starters vs the current xi. becks and owen would make the bench

oh and heskey. wot this current team definitely needs is a heskey

I have to say in terms of officiating and fouls committed, cards given and general shinnanigins so far this WC has been pretty good - impact of VAR I guess.  The only howler I have seen is the penalty not given for the hold on Maguire and no really awful fouls or attempts to cheat.

watching england in games that matter generally just makes me feel sick with nerves

it’s always the random games I enjoy most, which is why I’m a group stage guy really - my interest wanes once the knockout phase starts

our absence from the 1994 world cup actively made that tournament more enjoyable

Laz, in that case how do you enjoy watching your team (Newcastle?) in the domestic league?  Do you prefer to watch other league matches not involving them?

I have fond memories of 1982.  The best Brazil team never to win the world cup, France and Poland at their best, Paulo Rossi, and that celebration by Marco Tardelli.

2002 was the best for unexpected results and drama /controversy but it wasn't the best quality football and the 2 teams in the final, although pedigree names, had actually both gone in as underdogs.

2018 probably my personal fave of the ones I've watched for a balance of quality football and drama.

2014 was almost all the former without enough of the latter (not enough see saw matches or upsets )

unless “it” is the freephone number 4 ‘traumatised fascists encounter reality psychotherapy support’, u most deffo did not call “it”

2014 was almost all the former without enough of the latter (not enough see saw matches or upsets )

er apart from the most satisfying result of all time 7-1