Best place you have chundered

Me: the marble bathrooms of the foyer of a very grand hotel in Moscow, aged about 14. I didn't make it as far as a cubicle.  

Finally a question I can genuinely provide a series of amazing contenders for. 

Sadly, I won't. 

I will say this - I have vommed on live TV, in 3 different court buildings (not the loos), on a policeman, and whilst in flagrante. Not all at once obv.

- At the edge of the roundabout in the middle of elephant and castle on the way to work after a massive bender.

- Under a table at duck and waffle at about 2am I was in a booth with four other people and couldn't get out in time (I did my best to clean it up)

- Walking through bank station into my handbag (was preggo) unsurprisingly literally nobody noticed as I did it whilst walking along and continued to walk along. 


At school we used to go to Pizza Hut and have the eat as much as you can deal and compete to see who could eat the most. One guy vommed but in a controlled way and he managed to contain it to two plates, which were filled to the edge with vom. He then handed it off to a waitress and got up to get more pizza.

Buck Palace? Please give more details

also, 12, what live tv?

Not sure I have any spectacular contenders but I have committed the faux pas of hurling in a urinal which is grim for anyone else who then needs to use it.

I remember a Sunday lunch at school when the guy opposite me went very quiet and put his head in his hands before opening his mouth and letting a green tsunami of recently eaten roast chicken and broccoli spill over the sides of his plate and wash over the table.  I've never seen people get up so quickly.

during an interview at one of the better known law firms in Newcastle

I did one wretch and do a bit of vom into my mouth over the communion cup, again at school

does the vic still have to finish off the communion wine if someone has vommed into it I wonder?

I got the job. Even if I’d achieved anything worthwhile in the rest of my legal career, that would still be my proudest memory.

heh, obviously there aren’t too many names it could be but no, not DD

I reckon Twelve was one of those people on the Word who'd do anything to get on TV.

At university I was vomming into my sink late at night when there was a knock at my door and a hot slutty girl had come to see me because I had said I would give her a lift to the airport the next morning.


I managed to hide the fact that I had vommed (presumably she was a sh1faced as I was and did not notice) shoved a load of toothpaste in my mouth and said I was brushing my teeth.


Then we fvcked and then I took her to the airport in the morning.

I feel like trombs would have good stories here

all over myself at my 16th birthday 

Pretty much it 

All over myself on countless occasions. The most recent being December. 

This has reminded me of a horrible story a doctor told me about how she was chatting to someone whilst dealing with a cyst on someone's lady parts and accidentally got a mouthful of puss causing her to vom on the floor under the couch.

The Buck palace one was as a result a bender the night before collecting my Gold DoE award from Phil the Greek. Fortunately not on tv (OMG, I hope there no CCTV footage still in existence!)

Mouthful of puss or pus, sails? V v important for the sake of this story. 

me - can’t think of anywhere particularly amusing. I did vom over my curtains once (sick not drunk so was in bed). A painful exercise in cleaning them up. And I had 2 hyperemesis pregnancies so vommed in all sorts of places inc in the font of the chapel in a small town in Tuscany and into my handbag in the national gallery. 

I remember being very impressed by the Australian chap who, in a lazy Sunday afternoon pub garden, leaned over the side of his table, vomited with great force next to the feet of the waitress as she walked by, and went straight back to his nth pint.

So Iamlong goes on to show that the principle of 'a ride for a ride' still survives even though hitchhiking has pretty much come to an end these days! 

Toronto the contents of the cyst so pus.

I'd forgotten that after a particularly heavy Christmas Eve lock in a local pub I had to walk out of the Christmas Day church service in the middle of a hymn to go and vom in the graveyard.

I will say this - I have vommed on live TV

Were you the news bunny?

Back of my best mates, fathers 1 day old Range Rover when I was 16.

on the Bouncy castle at a formal regimental dinner in Germany 

immediately after a trip across the top shelf at a college that specialised in East European languages and booze

In the carpark before  my third date with my now wife (it had been a heavy night before and I realised that there was no way I was going to keep down the meal unless I did some biological housecleaning first )

presumably there was some sort of armed forces regiment for chundering on a bouncy castle like cleaning it with your toothbrush or your tongue etc

Must have been a fooking big bouncy castle Asti. 

My best was reversing a pint of snakebite back into a pint glass (proper immediate bounce) and then handing it to my m5 dave who drank it without realising.

Best ever story of vom was my m2 dave's bird at law school.  He took her out for a curry and some smirnoff ices and she reverse madrassed all over his John Thomas just as he was on vinegar

The entrance lobby of the Eiffel Tower; a both ends at once extravaganza while they hurriedly ushered me to to the staff toilet.  A wonderful moment of togetherness for the long queue of international tourists, as it turns out whatever language you speak you go, "Eewwww" in exactly the same tone of voice.