Best place to find rental for 2-3 months?

I agreed to move out next week from my current tenancy; the place I'm supposed to move to, now the landlord revokes the tenancy as he lost his job and needs to move back home, which is sad but fair enough.

Now I'm screwed.

Where should I look for renting a place for 2-3 months? Need internet to keep WfH.

Looked on AirBnB and because they count by days, it'll cost £2.5k to rent a cottage in Wales for a month. Not afforadable.

Suggestions appreciated.

Not an option unfortunately - both with new spouses/children that don't like me very much, the feeling is mutual though.

Could try my Uncle and Aunt in Inverness actually, but it's Inverness...

I would guess the rental bargains these days are all in city centres rather then the countryside.

Move in with the guy that's not paying the rent in your flat?

pancakes - it's a one bed, not sure where we'd sleep.

PS - any comments re that tenant hurt my feelings...

Just to clarify.

You own a place and your tenant is refusing to pay rent and you have just been kicked out of a rental before you even moved in?

The Linton Travel Tavern is looking more and more appropriate, yes.

I believe Zoopla is good for mid-term rentals like.  You could also try as they have some home owners who like those kind of mid-term rentals but might be a bit expensive depending on your budget.

If it is in London I can sort you out with a studio flat for 3 months that would normally AirBnB. 

£145 a night in Aberdeen is definitely out of the equation tho...

banana - what's the asked price?

taking into account I'm on a budget

Could prob do it for £900ish a month. If you are interested let me check and put up an email address so I can send details. 

SS, you should sublet the house you own from the dodgy tenant. Problem solved.

in all seriousness you probably could get stonking deals for long term stay in city centre hotels that are mostly empty.,

Sounds good, pets allowed? If yes, keen to have a stalk.

Why would you need interim accommodation for 2-3 months? Shouldn't be hard to find a more long-term place to move into before the end of July if you're only going to be renting anyway, I would have thought.

Lots of people in zone 2 are apparently struggling to get tenants at the moment as lots of people left to go back to their parents for lockdown. May be worth calling a few estate agents in places like Clapham, Brixton, Streatham, Angel or other 'young people' areas

You can use a site called OpenRent. Recently had to use the same renting somewhere in Brighton after separating and needing to move out of the family home ASAP.

You liaise directly with Landlords and can opt for short term rental (2-3 months) - inclusive of all bills which is super handy. 

Much cheaper compared to Airbnb.

900 pcm should get you loads of options on studios. 

PP - moving next week, not next month; suspect the options the limited, but could be wrong.

eskimo - will have a look.

HT - sorry to hear that, and thanks, will have a look.

Might be tricky if it's a dog. If it's house cat, hamster or fish no prob. If not try SpareRoom as there is some random stuff on there. Also if you work at a big company might just be worth a plea round to your team or dept. 

find the airbnb hosts chat group on facebook for your local area (most counties have one) - join it  and see if any of them would consider a medium term stay for an off-airbnb deal. Someone might be interested

Just extended your student accommodation Spielberg. They'll be fine with it even if it is last minute.

Otherwise you can come and live with me rent free in exchange for general house boy duties.

that house boy duties really put me off.

banana - thanks, it's a German Shepherd.


Stick your valuables and your passport is another important documents in the office

Then simply refuse to move out where you are currently renting

The landlord cannot legally change locks and kick you out without going to court and getting a possession order

That will take at least half a year

If the landlord kicks you out unlawfully then you can rent an Airbnb and then sue the landlord for damages

This is a great thread with great tips. I did not know about open rent and under the doormat!