Best guitar interim....

In honour of the best guitar intro thread... a lot of groups take time to build into fantastic guitar work so I think this deserves a thread.  One of those where you actually have to listen, quite a lot.

My instinctive reaction is to throw it at randy Rhoads for his absolute genius work at Revelation (Mother earth) with ozzy.  In the first performance of this, Randy didn’t tell ozzy what he was going to do and there is a very rare bit of footage where ozzy is just staring at randy on his guitar because he can’t believe what is coming out of his guitar.  There is no one, dead or alive, who can replicate what he did.

However that demeans the likes of rather more thoughtful and (dare I say it) artistic guitarists like Gilmour..  Comfortably numb had an incredibly piercing and beautiful bit of guitar work by Dave Gilmour..  

I think I’ll let Rof decide on these two but if you have other suggestions, throw them in!

Randy Rhoads: (Revelations - Mother Earth)

The guitar interim starts around 3:08 - there’s a piano solo first which is beautiful that the guitar then copies, but better obviously!  It’s from the blizzard of ozz album.  A truly beautiful piece of environmental work, is well worth listening to it all for anyone who hasn’t.  Ozzy was screaming about environmental effects decades before they became internationally recognised.

David Gilmour: (Comfortably numb)

Guitar real work is at around 4:53. 

This is one of my all time favourite pieces of music.  I think the way it describes the pressure on performers is incredible.  Gilmour conveys such a beauty with his guitar,  I can actually play this myself on my ‘76 Stratocaster but I don’t have a hope of being able to put the emotion and clear frustration into it that Gilmour has can.


I'm not a music person really but i do remember liking 

1. the introduction to all saints copy of 'The bridge'

2. the outro to the friends final episode which i think is by jefferson airplane and called embryonic something or other. 

Have to go a long way to beat slash in November Rain for me Clive

Martin Barre in Aqualung

Steve Hackett in Firth of Fifth