Best ever drum solo

Just listening the opening and closing of 50 ways to leave your lover - the drum solos are perfect.

Which is your fave?

Reminds me of a joke.

Deep in the Amazon jungle,  tour party and their native guide have set up camp for the night and are barbecuing lizards over a fire, telling stories.

Suddenly, low at first but intensive, pulsing, comes the beat of drums from the jungle. 

The tourists look nervous but try to stifle it as they listen to the guide’s stories.

The drums get louder. The guide doesn’t seem to notice.

”What are those drums?” gasps a tourist

”What drums?” the guide looks briefly quizzical but talks on.

The drums get louder.

”Those drums! What do they mean?”

”Oh those drums? ah they’re nothing...” he goes on.

The drums become louder and louder and really intense.

”Look” says a tourist “we’re getting quite scared here. What is going on with these drums?”

”Ah...” sighs the guide, and then looks sage. “You do not need to worry about the drums, my friends.”

*relieved looks*

“You need to worry when the drums stop.”

”Why?” asks a wide eyed member of the party. “What happens then?”

“Then” says the guide “the bass solo starts...”

Saw Fleetwood Mac a couple of years ago and Mick gave a massive solo while the rest of the band went off stage for a cup of tea

Eastenders intro. Short and sweet. Drum solos are terrible as a rule though.

Jaco Pastorius bass solos are ok given that's kind of the point of what he does.

Neil Peart gives a good drum solo. 

So does the drummer with the Dave Brubeck quartet

Actually Paul Simon does a good bass solo to on "Call me Al". But it's not as good as the drum solo in the intro to 50WTLYL

On the subject of self indulgence I went to see GnR and by the third occasion I was just getting sick of Slash and his endless solos

Whiplash is a good film but the drum solo at the end just makes you think, “Christ, I hate drum solos”.

Wasn't the drums on 50 ways Steve Gadd, who also did Steely Dan's Aja?

"Just listening the opening and closing of 50 ways to leave your lover - the drum solos are perfect."

These aren't solos at all, just an intro and outro groove.  

Not a fan of long and brainy, technically impressive drum solos. I like short, sweet solos that serve the song and do not distract. Eagle Fly Free by Helloween has one of those. It like it even better in the cover version by Vision Divine.

I like that ginger Welsh weatherman’s drum solos which he posts on YouTube. 

Carl Palmer, either on Fanfare for the Common Man or Tank.

I'm juts listening to Buddy Rich v Gene Krupa in The Drum Battle from Carnegie Hall. Mental stuff.

Drum solos are emperor's New clothes.

No-one actually enjoys listening to some twat drumming for five minutes while he pretends he's reached some higher mental state with his ridiculous facial expressions. But everyone pretends they're amazed.

Elvin Jones solo in Zachariah. The Country and Western musical. 

I had the neighbour come and knock on my front door at 3 am the other night.

3 am? Who does that?

He’s just lucky I was up at the time messing around on my drum kit.