Best Christmas episode of a TV show

As refinement of other thread.


Toss up between the Office and Peep Show

definitely the office - tied it all up nicely.

i only remember xmas in Peep Show where Mark's family come to the flat, was that a special as such? My view is Peep Show went downhill a bit after baby Ian was born. It wasn't bad just not as good as the earlier series. 

I cant remember if it was a special, but it was an episode of Peep show about Christmas.      my favourite Christmas Day farce 

i enjoyed the Gavin & Stacey ones - yes it's v middle of the road lowbrow comedy but I like the gentle way it pokes fun at the situations that arise when families get together, the slightly meh feeling tired parents of several young kids can develop etc... 

"Chris, why don't you fook off?" 

Such a great moment. 


100%, and smarmy Neil is made to look like a plank. 

Dimi - Rusty, the trans chef? A Partridge in Pear Tree? The Christian nutter woman? The disabled golfer? Tony Hayers, BBC2 commissioning editor?

All pure comedic genius.

Morecambe & Wise 1971 Special. Andrew Preview, Glenda Jackson, and Shirley Bassey. All still utterly iconic after half a century. 

I shagged smarmy Neil’s bird in the mid noughties  - she was a stripper from Leeds and I met her on the train down to London as she was going to meet him (having already ‘met’ her at the strip club the night before). 

Some of the Warehouse 13 xmas episodes were good.

It's very niche. You've probably never watched it.


For several decades the nation suffered a form of mass hypnosis that Morecombe & Wise were funny.    They were not, in particular, the pair of them making breakfast to music is not in the least bit funny or is dancing with Angela Rippon.

good shouts above, add to that:

Christmas Lunch Incident - vicar of dibley

US The Office - Benihana Christmas 

the Golden Girls - A Nightmare Before Xmas

They were not, in particular, the pair of them making breakfast to music is not in the least bit funny -


Dave Allen and Dick Emery also great.

Stanley Baxter and Mike Yarwood also fond favourites.

I think they all did Christmas Specials.


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