Best cartoon/comic.

Whilst I definitely loved Asterix, have a soft spot for both Garfield and Hagar and even thought Timtin was entertaining, surely there is no controversy here. Can all Rof agree that Calvin and Hobbes is the best by a considerable distance?

The Dilbert strip was a favourite of mine, but it turns out that the writer is a little bit of an anti-vax nut, so maybe not so much any more.

Savage Sword of Conan.  A great intro to the world of Robert E. Howard (including Kull and Solomon Kane) and I still think some of the artwork looks great.  

With something like Dilbert it can’t help but colour how you read it.

I like Alex in the Telegraph (to my shame) and Xkcd and have a soft spot for the Far Side but in the all time greats it has to be Calvin and Hobbes I agree.

Calvin and hobbes should be up there with Shakespeare. 

Asterix is crap.

I was always very fond of Zoids. In the 80s, it was part of "Spiderman and Zoids". I don't think it was that well received, as it only ran for about 40 issues. They planned to move it to an american format, but that never happened. A shame, as it was a good series.

the comic "Oink!" from the 80s was a bit hit and miss, but had some truly phenomenal artwork on the "Street Hogs" strip, if I recall correctly.

"The Nam" was quite good. That also ran in Spiderman and Zoids as a third strip but was obviously more aimed at the American market. The issue where Mikey (?) was killed shortly before being discharged was gruelling even to a 10 year old English kid who had no idea what the Vietnam war was. 

TV21 from when I was a kid.

Later I enjoyed Dilbert until someone bought me a compendium of his cartoons and there was this chapter of text at the back about 'Manifesting', or 'Cosmic ordering' and how it had brought him success. Sheesh.

Wouldn't graphic novels be in the same arena as Asterix? So we can include Tintin and - most importantly - Watchmen?

Agree, Asterix far inferior to Tintin.  France 0 - Belgium 1 


why should the views of the artist effect the art?

Indeed.  Always rated Leni Riefenstahl...