Best and worst bits of RoF


1. Bram!

2. Glam Solicitor

3. Little Birdy



1. Discussion Board

Poor Mrs Dux having to put up with a dribbling  wreck like you

That's the best of rof for me clive right there - abbs with a TOMMAHAWK PWN

No it wasn't. It was a sad chubby Welsh bloke who got upset I destroyed his life. 

Yeah that bit intrigued me too!  Maybe he is trying to claim Brexit as his own personal victory?

You are disruptive 3-Ducks. Whereas most people here don't wan't or need it. Behave.

3 ducks. Disruptive? 

Honestly, every time I read one of his posts I wonder how a self loathing,  social climbing, second hand car salesman from the 1950’s managed to time travel. 

Discussion is the best part.

One can say what one thinks and cut through all the PR shite that firms and some Chambers provide. Law can be a real shitty job. Overworked, underpaid, astronomical living costs, travel.... 

BTW, Get out of it, but one knows nothing else and is overqualified for most other industries. As Britain is a gig and warehouse economy, it's a choice between BK or McDs, Amazon or Sports Direct, Costa or Cafe Nero, Pret or Greggs, or going rogue and consider: cultivating cannabis (which might become legal) or bootlegging, diversion fraud or internet scams.

Methinks bootlegging (especially after Brexit), has a future.

Discussion is the worst part.

It's divided almost equally between spivvy City boi solicitors and their social-climbing support-staff lackeys. 

There's virtually no-one normal on here. 

Normal? Who want's to be normal? Only evangelical christians consider themselves as 'normal'  , and who are in reality are either paedos, predators, rapists or closet homosexuals.

By slagging off the discussion board, old chum

I was only jesting tho