Best and worst area to work in the City
underwhelminglyobese 24 May 22 18:52
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Liverpool Street - eastside crossing that massive f off road to get to Latham, FBD, K&E, that area. The abyss of nothingness.

Liverpool Street - westside round Spitalfields, around A&O, Ashurst and Akin - the market and grimy East London, Brick Lane

St Paul's, Bank area - Eversheds, Dechert, Travers, Goodwin, close to the river to walk over to the Tate Modern, south of the river generally, not a million miles away from Holborn

West End - ???


This is unfair. This thread has potential. Proximity to Pret, sandwich shops and public transport is basically 99% of the differential in working environments.

Oh jeez ignore the firms. I was just spitballing. It's where would u work if u had to? Forget the firms. Just the areas. Anywhere.

Some cracking boozers and foodie places on the East side of Bishopsgate.

West side of Bishopsgate is a bit of a desert until you get to Bank. Ooh, The Mercer. And a Burger and Lobster. ummmm……


I think the East edge of City has massively improved over the last decade. Loads to do and eat and drink. Eataly is fun (but a bit overpriced).

Around London Bridge because Borough Market and bars and pubs and restaurants around it.

Smithfields was great 15 years ago but now a bit passé?

Waterloo or Marylebone for nice places I would say.

Not sure city Thameslink stops at any decent places site does it? Wimbledon I suppose but who would use that means?


Welcome bag Biggie, how are you feeling today ? What did you make of this years list QC appointments? So many in their 30s, with a couple getting the nod at just 12 years call.

what an achievement eh ?

Ok so agreed 50% of Thames link isn't nice...where's nice north on that line....Luton?


Joke line

Thameslink does st Albans and a few of the nice herts towns and villages like harpenden and radlett. Also Brighton and Cambridge. Not bad.

After moving to the West End I can safely say that everywhere in the City is mildly depressing. Don't miss the City a single little bit. 

West end is full of posh public school boys who don't wear socks 

The city is full of posh public school boys who don't wear socks 

Hey! Wait a minute.


Liverpool St area is good as it has some real edgelands to the east, north and north west of it as well as quite a lot of good places to eat and drink, And now great connections via the Lizzie Line,

The quarter bordering commercial street south of Spitalfields/ Bishops Square is now full of good and reasonably priced cafes, coffee shops, barbers and so on.

Ive always thought the area around Middlesex St and zhawrrow Place was one of the places where the City’s borders were starkest. The cool and formal, marble-clad east face of the plush Devonshire Square office development faces hard onto a council estate and gritty street markets.

I moved around a fair bit over the years - the area round St Paul’s and Old Bailey was best. 

'The city is full of posh public school boys who don't wear socks '

Mike Tyson doesn't either 

Says it puts him in warrior mode 

But then he also appears bare chested for the full look



WC2/Holborn/Fleet Street,EC4, St Pauls. They make my commute ridiculously easier, one train, then a ten minute walk at worst. Those are not the reasons why I think they are the best though.

I find the City proper, too busy, overcrowded , noisy, polluted and soul less. And who wants to get on the Waterloo & City Line. 

I’d say best are the north end of bishopsgate, bordering shoreditch (and what laz said about Middlesex street) and the Clerkenwell/Farringdon area

Worst are a 5 min walk radius around Bank and anywhere west of Holborn.



Thameslink stops at West Hampstead - as well as NW6 itself, it is an easy stroll to the station from Hampstead or St John’s Wood. Also Harpenden & St Albans.