Top lad. World class trolling of those tory bellends

Imagine the Daily Mail headlines if Dacre had still been about

what's all the excitement about?


i don't understand why the labour party aren't supporting the publication of advice given their recent track-record.


The result if the vote n the amendment is due at 14.20. 


Bercow: " I am not in the business of invoking precedent". Lol.

3 days is fair enough - they should have had alternatives in mind weeks/months ago.

There are already two alternatives, no deal or no brexit. 

Dunno what this is about, but Bercow is a pompous, self-satisfied bully.

I agree with th

I agree with thr

I agree with 3d


no I can't do it.


what he said

I managed to catch PMT for the first time in ages today... ...was most amazed by how puce Bercrow's face becomes when under stress.

Dux, he allowed an amendment to be tabled on an unamendable timetable motion. It changed the amount of time the PM has to reconvene to put an alternative proposal to parliament if she loses the Meaningful Vote from 3 weeks to 3 days.

There was a point of outrage saying Bercow couldn't allow the amendment and he said he could. And then the amendment was approved by MPs.

Hi eyes too Fluffy, were bright red and watery. He looked very agitated. I wonder if something  happened behind the scenes

only saw extracts of it and don't really understand the merits of the actual procedural point

but from a debating perspective it was top class from the dwarf bully - he kept his cool and debated forcefully even when being shouted down by just under half the Commons in the most aggressive fashion

The purple faced gammony rage from the Tory benches over a fact that parliament has taken back control is hilarious 

He has an agenda, but we will have to wait for his biography to see what it is... ...I suspect he will see out this stage of Brexit and then be gone.

When I hear someone use the 'in my honest judgment' phrase to support a decision it invariably means they have run out of rational thinking...

"In the end, there is a judgement that, I think if you have faith about these things, you realise that judgement is made by other people... and if you believe in God, it's made by God as well."


Exactly... ...but that one turned out OK of Bliar.

Oh, wait a minute... didn't.

Bercow appears to have run a proper coach-and-horses through Erskine May.  

Any consitutional law nutjobs on here to give us the details ?  

Suspect that the back end of it is that Erskine May says what Speakers have done before but is not in the end binding on him.  If the House doesn’t like it they can choose a new Speaker.  

Merits of a not-very-written Constitution. 

It was a bold move by Bercow, presumably he thinks it will play well with those keen to off him, and further shows how febrile the mood is atm. The problem will come when the various Plan B options are flushed out and those who’ve worked for that then split off. 

I think what’s happening is great. After 2 years plus of lies and incompetence we’re down to the wire. She’s treated parliament with contempt and now it’s rightly kicking her hard. The rightards are on the streets and although ugly just look daft. The country is basically terrified of Brexit, having seen what a shitshow the government is making of it. The EU doesn’t have to budge. Fingers crossed that common sense yet prevails. And then the criminals can be brought to book. 

Bring the whole edifice down... is the time for a People’s Revolution.


who thinks it will make any difference?  apparently all she has to do is come back and table any old proposal and that's it.  back where we were: her deal or no deal


Put down another motion come back in a day, come back with rubbish, put down another motion and again and again until she accepts Parliament is sovereign.  She doesn’t have the numbers. It will be government in name only. 

Bercow today

Why does this ferocious bumtrumpet now insist on impersonating a gurning chimpanzee while talking like he's lecturing an errant class of 5 year olds caught playing with matches?  The pointy finger. The drawwwwwn out vowels. Caricature of himself now.

Chimpanzee Picture

The link supplied by bloop above, shows what a devious, duplicitious Khnt she is. For once I think Bercow played a blinder.

From the ever fantastic David Green:


The faux constitutional outrage of the government supporting press and punditry this morning is quite a marvel.
Let's see what constitutional outrages they have so far not cared about.

1. The government prolongs the current parliamentary session over two years, so that there will not be a Queen's Speech.
Response of government supporting press and punditry?

- Shrug.

2. The government packs the select committees with Tory majorities, even though it is a hung parliament by procedural sleight of hand.
Response of government supporting press and punditry?

- Shrug.

3. A secretary of state repeatedly misleads the House and its committees over the extent and existence of Brexit sector analyses reports.
Response of government supporting press and punditry?

- Shrug.

4. Government repeatedly ignores and does not even participate in votes on opposition motions.
Response of government supporting press and punditry?

- Shrug.

5. Government sought to make the Article 50 notification without any parliamentary approval whatsoever, and forced litigation to go all the way tot eh Supreme Court so that parliament could have that approval.
Response of government supporting press and punditry?

- Shrug.

6. Government commits itself to billions of pounds of public expenditure in a blatant bribe to the DUP for support in a supply and confidence vote.
Response of government supporting press and punditry?

- Shrug.

7. Government repeatedly seeks to circumvent or abuse the Sewell convention in its dealings with the devolved administrations.
Response of government supporting press and punditry?

- Shrug.

8. Government seeks to legislate for staggeringly wider "Henry VIII powers" so that it can legislate and even repeal Acts without any recourse to parliament.
Response of government supporting press and punditry?

- Shrug.

9. Government becomes first administration in parliamentary history to be held to be in contempt of parliament.
Response of government supporting press and punditry?

- Shrug.

10. Government stands by as there are attacks on the independent judiciary and the independent civil service?
Response of government supporting press and punditry?

- To lead those attacks, while the government shrugs.

11. But for the Speaker to allow an amendment on business motion so that the will of elected MPs can be carried?
Loud outrage and front page screaming headlines.


His micro expressions in Muttley's clip are fascinating... ...the final smile is about as genuine as Kaa's.

he does that a lot now. A sort of "eh? Isn't it??" smirking "I am telling you and being a khunt but this is me smiling"


reminds me of so many teachers.

"Parkinson, why do I have to tell you to tuck your shirt in every day? Tidy it up now, and polish your shoes. Now, empty your pockets and let me see what you have for me. That is gum, chewing gum. Hand it over. All of it. And why do I smell cigarettes upon your person? Have we been smoking Mr Parkinson? Hmm?  Think carefully before answering that question. Do we want to be running round the rugby pitches at 6am tomorrow morning and every morning thereafter for a month? No we do not sir.  This would not be good for Mr Parkinson's beauty sleep would it? No it would not, sir. Repeat after me "I shall see you at the Masters Common Room at 4pm this afternoon and thank you for the sartorial lessons sir" ((SMIRKS LIKE HE'S HAVING A BALL CUT OFF BY A PRISON OFFICER AND WANTS TO SHOW IT DOESN'T MATTER))'

May tried to limit Parliaments room for  manouver by pulling the vote - the rational was that she needed to go back to the EU for concessions BEFORE the vote.   Now the party is saying they will be in a better negotiating position once parliament has voted.  Completely disingenuous bullshyte if that was the case why didn't they hold the vote in December?  It is quite right that May should not be allowed to take the piss by pushing this into the long grass again.  The big picture is more important than precedent in this instance.

Don't let him talk to you like that Muttley... ...ask him outside.

Please would you fuck off outside.  I am happy staying here.