Being really into Lenin

Was this always a thing among young trade unionists or has Corbyn made it worse? Am I being too kneejerk in thinking it makes them total and umitigated fannies?

I must read up on him so no one says "no that's STALIN".

It doesn't create. Not a single thing has been created under Leninism that is in worldwide application

Other than weapons of war obv 

Have you ever read state & revolution?  It's like inserting a knitting needle theu your ear and into your brain whilst hitting yourself in the bollocks.

Well Lenin's ideology facilitated the Soviet Union and all of the atrocities thereunder.

He believed the end always justified the means and wanted total upheaval and chaos. I think he was bad.

But this is as sophist as my current understanding gets.

"It's like inserting a knitting needle theu your ear and into your brain whilst hitting yourself in the bollocks."

I think we must be watching the same 'video sharing' websites, m8. 

me and my m7 dave once went to the tate modern during our lunch break.  my favourite exhibit was a video of a naked masked man who was pouring tomato ketchup on himself and then hitting himself in the goolies with his hand in a boxing glove.  


Glass bottle ketchup or squeezy? Imagine trying to get ketchup out of one of them glass bottles while wearing boxing gloves and hitting yourself in the balls. Well frustrating. 

What's wrong with Leninsim?!


(from Wiki)

At these times [During the Red Terror carried out as a response to an attempt on Lenins's life], there were numerous reports that Cheka interrogators used torture methods which were, according to Orlando Figes, "matched only by the Spanish Inquisition."[28] At Odessa the Cheka tied White officers to planks and slowly fed them into furnaces or tanks of boiling water; in Kharkiv, scalpings and hand-flayings were commonplace: the skin was peeled off victims' hands to produce "gloves"; the Voronezh Cheka rolled naked people around in barrels studded internally with nails; victims were crucified or stoned to death at Dnipropetrovsk; the Cheka at Kremenchuk impaled members of the clergy and buried alive rebelling peasants; in Orel, water was poured on naked prisoners bound in the winter streets until they became living ice statues; in KievChinese Cheka detachments placed rats in iron tubes sealed at one end with wire netting and the other placed against the body of a prisoner, with the tubes being heated until the rats gnawed through the victim's body in an effort to escape.[29]

Executions took place in prison cellars or courtyards, or occasionally on the outskirts of town, during the Red Terror and Russian Civil War. After the condemned were stripped of their clothing and other belongings, which were shared among the Cheka executioners, they were either machine-gunned in batches or dispatched individually with a revolver. Those killed in prison were usually shot in the back of the neck as they entered the execution cellar, which became littered with corpses and soaked with blood. Victims killed outside the town were moved by truck, bound and gagged, to their place of execution, where they sometimes were made to dig their own graves.[30]

According to Edvard Radzinsky, "it became a common practice to take a husband hostage and wait for his wife to come and purchase his life with her body".[3] During Decossackization, there were massacres, according to historian Robert Gellately, "on an unheard of scale". The Pyatigorsk Cheka organized a "day of Red Terror" to execute 300 people in one day, and took quotas from each part of town. According to the Chekist Karl Lander, the Cheka in Kislovodsk, "for lack of a better idea", killed all the patients in the hospital. In October 1920 alone more than 6,000 people were executed. Gellately adds that Communist leaders "sought to justify their ethnic-based massacres by incorporating them into the rubric of the 'class struggle'".[31]

Members of the clergy were subjected to particularly brutal abuse. According to documents cited by the late Alexander Yakovlev, then head of the Presidential Committee for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Political Repression, priests, monks and nuns were crucified, thrown into cauldrons of boiling tar, scalped, strangled, given Communion with melted lead and drowned in holes in the ice.[32] An estimated 3,000 were put to death in 1918 alone.[32]


Sadly my memory fails me on that detail raddy.

At an old firm we hosted a client event at the royal academy which was hosting an exhibition by tracey emin.  Try talking to a client about the state of the market whilst they are winding a wheel to make a zebra shag a human woman (interactive exhibit).

They should have sold scaled down versions of that in the gift shop. 

Yes, more appropriate to put a memorial to these victims and of the 

victims of the Holodomor in Parliament Square ,rather than the


I thought all young trade unionists were Trots these days, and wot Wang said about needles and gonads. 

Fear this is so

Whatever happened to old school labour eh

To balance the Wiki quote about torture:

 - humans societies historically often drift into unfair division of resources between a minority and a majority

-  once this happens it has almost never been reversed other than by violent means

- this could all be done differently, without violence, and I wish it would be

- but nobody has invented a way of persuading societies to re-order themselves peacefully and by consent.

All the left wing idealists who say Stalin polluted Leninism. Bollocks! Lenin was worse than Stalin. He was a snob and the system he set up enabled Stalinism to happen. He was cruel, took personal slights easily and everyone was below him. The chaos he left on his succession showed that, as everyone was unworthy in his eyes.

He showed why an unfeeling ideologically driven narrow minded intellectual should never run a country. A petty little man.


It is an absolute disgrace his body is still in Red Square.

However, the fact that he was stuffed in the end and put on show is amusing.

Seems like Lenin's A-OK with Jon Lansman:

"Sitting in his flat, the shelves rammed with socialist books and left-wing memorabilia — a bust of Lenin, a statuette of Marx and a campaign poster signed by “Jezza” — Lansman is convinced the party is on the cusp of power."

And now the workers have struck for fame

Cos Lenin’s on sale again

How is Lansmann coping with Labour Party antisemitism? 

That clip of Russell is great, thank you. More on rof please.