Being paid double your salary on pay day...

Result!  What shall I spend it on?  





I will of course be the loyal employee and flag to Payroll.

Can you say “thanks so much for the covid bonus, so appreciated”. 

Getting paid on the last day of the month..: slavedrivers

this happened to me with my very first pay cheque after starting my TC

I owned up promptly ofc but it did take me around three months to get round to paying them back

Back in my early life as an articled clerk for a firm of accountants. I was doing an audit on a company and we discovered the finance director had 3 employees who did not exist but all received wages that all went to the same bank account, his.

it's bonus day today so must be that! (spend on horses of course)

I can't be trusted with money so double pay would be a terrible burden. Best left to the older boys and girls to sort out.

Why on earth would you flag it? They will be the first to screw you over if it suits them. Plus what Risky said. 


>Why on earth would you flag it? They will be the first to screw you over if it suits them.

It's theft. There's case law from a female police officer who was overpaid, didn't declare it, and was subsequently convicted of theft and dismissed from service.

This happened at my first professional full time job. I was still paying student loans at this point so go rinsed for that and was on an emergency tax code.


accounts team seemed really pissed off when I told them

Yeah it’s pretty obviously theft. you could buy premium bonds with it and sell them when when you need to hand it back though? Probably win nothing but you never know.

glasserz - you know it makes sense to use that extra money to buy controlling stake in Fabric night club and turn it around as the techno trance european hub

You will mint money. 

I flagged it because:

1) Theft, and as a lawyer I hear that is severely frowned up;

2) I have new overlords - I want to point it out rather than someone else (I am not sure they wanted the 6am email pointing out the error, but there you go);

3) @escaped - that's EXACTLY what went through my mind - horse no. 2 - slightly older, less stupid.

4) @Coffers, I said double pay, not "I have won the lottery".


Go to casino.

Put half on red, half on black.

Tell them you had two losing bets and it’s all gone.

It's actually Dishonestly retaining a wrongful credit rather than theft - s.24 A of the theft act. Defended one of these once. Someone was doing dodgy refunds from their employer (a retailer) to their mates. Them and the mates were done on a conspiracy charge while our client had nothing to do with the conspiracy- it had been a fvck up by the lead defendant. Our client just thought all her Christmases had come at once and blew the cash.

As it's ROF.....

Yes, I do usually get paid double your salary on pay day.

I thought this had happened to me after my first month in a new job. Turns out it was mainly composed of a tax rebate because I hadn't been working for the past 4 months prior.

as it is rof.... glasserz, I assumed your monthly net net net was about a million squid. 

Elfffi - good idea . . . . . . . but . . . . . . . casinos are closed.

> I said double pay, not "I have won the lottery"


So we're talking £30k, got it.

Sometime ago, an Assistant Solicitor joined Eversheds at the same time they recruited a partner on 250k. The Assistant Solicitor got the contract for the partner which was in his name. Said Assistant Solicitor was getting paid over 20k a month gross, before someone realised. How they realised I have no clue, and how the wrong contract was sent to the Assistant in his name , again I have no idea.

Doubtless the person got a bollocking, or two