Do you flour the beef before browning it or not m3s?

Yep - it thickens the sauce as well as adding a little toasty flavour

What kind of monster doesn't flour their beef?  Helps with grip

my bug bear is people who think browning meat means just allowing to go grey - the clue is in the WORD (I am looking at you mother)

I’ve found oxtail really improves boeuf bourginion and, last time I made it, I used off cuts of dry aged beef out of Waitrose’s (sorry local butcher) fabulous dry aged meat cabinet, not expensive, tender, fragrant…..mmmm. Ours has a tray of “trimmings” of excellent meat perfect for BB.

try and get everything else from independent butchers / farm shop but dry aged beef doesn’t seem to be on their radar and the Waitrose stuff - I reluctantly admit - is excellent (as it should be at the price). 

, I used off cuts of dry aged beef out of Waitrose’s (sorry local butcher) fabulous dry aged meat cabinet, 

WTF is this?  My Waitrose doesnt have a fabulous dry aged meat cabinet.  In fact the meat in my local Lidl is better than the meat in my local Waitrose and half the price.

ah…. that’s because you live in what Waitrose call a “League 2” area where the store is under consideration for closure (too many riff raff around) and accordingly the dry aged meat cabinets were not rolled out to League 2 stores. 

peak ROF right there


Dont the "trimmings" come from prime cuts? Presumably theyd go dry and tough with long cooking?

I think the fact that the trimmings tend to be fatty/sinewy with the prime meat must be the key - quite the opposite of dry and tough! meltingly tender, dense flavoured, and probably high in saturated fat….

I had planned cheek and shin but none was available- woman at the counter (customer side) recommended these dry aged off cuts and it worked wonderfully. Plenty of oxtail will have helped. 

Heh at Bullace. 

Also Jesus Guy you live near a Lidl? Sorry about that mate 😉.

More seriously, what Bullace said. They often cut the dry aged into chunks and sell it off cheap. You can actually barter with them if you shop there enough I took the lot (2kg) and got it at half the already reduced price as they just need it to go. It's great meat. 

Haven’t so far but definitely will do next time along with adding oxtail. Thanks RoF!

Also, and I know this wasn't asked, but another good addition... Shiitake mushrooms. 

I'm using 1kg of chuck steak and 200g and 200g or lardons all organic free range from the butcher





Jesus, I'm getting a semi for some pig cheeks now. 

Seasoned AND TOASTED flour if you are following Ray Blanc. His recipes can be such a pita.

Im going with the suggestion linked above from Angela Hartnett's husband where you add a roux at the end

I've put a pint of veal stock in and a bottle of cheap pinot noir too. It smells v good right now

mmmm! low and slow. post a pic of the finished article. 

I so want this now , but I’ve left it too late to do it properly. When I fancy it in advance I do it in the slow cooker and the results are incredible.

oh well off to Marks for their pop in the oven for 40 mins . It is actually very good as it goes. Will have some Colcannon mash with it.

Pickled Walnuts go amazingly well in all beef stews. Guinness is the classic pairing but bourgignon will do just fine. 

Mine is now in the slow cooker, and will be ready at 6.00 . The place smell delicious already. Why do some recpies advocate celery? Seems a horrid addition !

about an hour to go and my place smells incredible. I won't make the same mistake as last time overcooking the beef so it becomes literally like pulled beef, it will have a bit of bite and texture. How do you do/like yours?