Becoming Family Week

 Peking authorities have organized a “Becoming Family Week” which placed more than 1 million communist cadres in Moslem  households. Government reports on the program hailed  the warm “family reunions,” as public servants and Uighurs shared meals and even beds.

Another notice showed photos of visitors helping Uighur children with their homework and cooking meals for their “families.” The caption beneath a photo of three women lying in bed, clad in pajamas, said the cadre was “sleeping with her relatives in their cozy room.”

A different photo showed two women “studying the 19th Party Congress and walking together into the new era”

The Communist Party’s official news site said: “The vast majority of party cadres are not only living inside villagers’ homes, but also living inside the hearts of the masses.”

Surprisingly Corbyn has not yet praised this example of 'real existing socialism' in action 

And of Moslem States, only Turkey has had the nerve to condemn this forced conversion of Moslems to secularism 

Other Moslem States are thought to be too nervous of upsetting Peking 

Must admit when I ran the cursor over the title on the board, I first read this as Parking authorities...