Barclays installs spyware on staff PCs to monitor them

Including length of bathroom breaks and lunches, random time away from desks, calculations when PC is inactive. Daily admonishments by HR and Line managers are given to staff where they are “ not in the zone “

FFS who makes this shit up and approves it’s roll out as a good idea?

Quite right too.  One cannot survive without increased productivity from les minions.  Off Rof, back to work!

Three words 






Humming the choon... isn’t it ironic 


Quite right too given the shenanigans those jolly japesters get up to.  I wonder how they will punish all those poor fckrs who have to queue for half an hour to get in the lift at 9am at their hq

Even worse at RBS you can get a tap on the shoulder for looking a bit lardy and put on a special fitness regime as well.

Because they effectively start monitoring your calorie content meaning you spend less time eating and more time working.  It's also devised so that you're more productive whilst sitting at your desk.  The gym sessions are carefully arranged for outside core working hours as well.

Welcome to the world every factory worker and call centre worker has inhabited ever. Get on with it drone! 

I was raging about my work this morning but this has made me count my blessings a bit

This isn't new. Was certainly a thing when I worked at one of their competitors 20 years ago.

Aye, but that were Yorkshire Bank, probably at the bottom of a mine and you had to clock in with your time card at start o’day

’I'm sure someone here has said they are monitored like that’

prolly Dux, Russian troll farms are pretty strict 

Sapience provide the software, see City AM for link. Staff in their product control department are told to avoid breaks WTF

Isn't product control mostly qualified accountants earning £80k+? That's mad. 

What kind of positions/responsibilities are held by the people being monitored this way? I have to say that I’m more likely to be skiving when I’m doing stuff on my computer. If I’m being productive I’m likely to be poring over a document or other paperwork, with my keyboard and mouse setting no action.

pancakes product control is middle/front office of the IB division ,100k plus bonus

"We always intended to listen to colleague feedback as part of this limited pilot which was intended to tackle issues such as individual over-working as well as raise general productivity."



HR bullshit translator:

Most of you are lazy pricks and we will make you work harder now that we can't easily replace you with French grads.

One individual who has never taken a holiday and will likely die at his desk unless we intervene will receive a leaflet about mental health.


Perhaps you shouldn't have used the term "front office" then Eb. They are nowhere near it.