Bank of England says 1:4 chance of recession

Why isn't this more headliney?? Why are we doing this seriously? I feel like we're in a chilly Jonestown.

Those are about the same odds as England had against Ireland last weekend.  Never truzt bookiespurts.

Also when was the last time a Bank of England prediction came true?!

I'm assuming one in four is their way of saying 99% but if we say 99% we kill off the 1%

Can you post a link?  I have a suspicion u need odds mansplaining to u.

I took this from a journalist's tweet so when I go and fetch the primary source I need you to know that I am not the wrong one.

Right it says one in four and that's what I meant but I appreciate that that's not what I wrote but let's blame BBC Scotland pundits thanks

 I think you cant read odds.  but let's see.

if it said "1:4" it is not "one in four" it is "one in five".  ie 20%. 

I already said I meant one in four and acknowledge the wrongness of my original formatting!

appaz, Italy has been in recession for 2 quarters now

maybe it's coming here. prob depends a fair bit on what powell does in the us

in other news, base is staying at 0.75

Hard to see anything wrong with that tbf, he's just called macron a bellend

The Italians are 90% right about everything 

Mm i could murder a pizza actually

At least they can be sure there will be peace because of their mutual continued membership of the EU

Of course there's going to be a recession, we're about to crash out of the EU with no deal and take a dump on our entire economy from a great height. 

1 in 4 seems mental. Even a 3 in 4 chance would be optimistic.