Bakerloo Line extension route ready next spring

and a very misl;eadign headline from the News Quest stable of sub editors


If this isn't just pie in the sky thinking


Ready by 2029



This extension was first mooted in the 1950s and was part of the plans for extending the underground in the 1970s when the Victoria and Jubilee lines were built.  

Those plans were cut short and mostly cancelled because of the Labour government’s debt crisis in 1976 when the UK has to go cap in hand to the IMF.  The same round of cuts cancelled about half the planned extensions to the motorway network and the UK’s plans for High Speed railways.  

The fact that most of these projects still have not been built forty years later shows the kind of damage that a Labour government does to the country.  

In fact the Jubilee Line was only extended in the 2000s, the Victoria line remains half-built and stops at Brixton, the extension to the Bakerloo is now going to arrive in the 2030s, High Speed 1 arrived in the 2000s and High Speed 2 will only arrive in the 2030s. 

That’s what happens when you jettison financial discipline.