Baked potato and steak

With a bit of salad ofc.

There are few finer matchups than this on a scorching day.  Just put le spud in the oven (and I don’t mean wang) and it’s even bigger than I realised when I bought the pack.  No way I’ll be able to finish this bad boy in one sitting.

Trying to decide if I should bbq the steak in honour of the weather or just fry the fecker. A decision for later.

What are your Saturday night dinner plans my friends?

Baingan?  We used to have it sometimes as a side to a chicken or fish curry.

Not my thing tbh, but hope you enjoy!

I'm reliable informed it has no standard spelling en anglais

It is the noms

I'm lining up cumbos from the butcher, stuffed huge mushies and roasted veg.  not very summery but it was in the fridge an i have managed to sunburney moi 

A baked potato is a sugar explosion.  Diabetes a-go-go.

Where do you get massive jacket potatoes as the ones I see in the shops are always so small I need two of them?

I picked up a pack from Sainsbury’s - about four mega and two normal sized.

Don’t be tempted by their posh packs - those always seem too small.  Go for the basic ones with humongous mutants in them.

The baked potato is a glorious foodstuff, endlessly versatile and delicious in many many combos. Steak, on the other hand, disappoints nine times out of ten.

“A baked potato is a sugar explosion.  Diabetes a-go-go”

This isn’t really correct. While a potato is all carbs, obviously, it’s actually pretty slow-release compared to bread, pasta or white rice.

Baked spuds are ace.  they take fucking ages tho.

steak must be cooked by the eater imo

@a perfectly normal human being07 Jul 19 08:53

Disagree.   Potatoes are usually fine, but the slow baking turns almost all the carbohydrates in them to sugar before you eat it.  

Really bad for you.


Really don't care what they do or don't contain and will continue with my approach of simply eating what I enjoy and think I shall have a big fat jacket spud dripping butter one night this week.

Anybody who doesn't eat a baked potato because they think it will give them diabetes is a complete penis. 

I've been told by the consultant doc I must cut down on carbs desperately or face getting a stroke before I'm 50. No baked spuds for me m8s. 

That's what happens when you live on bread, pasta, spuds and rice for a quarter of a century.

Baked potatoes have a higher glycemic index that refined sugar. 


I find the best way to deal with that information is to drown them in butter and sour cream, with bits of crumbly bacon.

I dated this older woman once, she 35, moi 21, and she used to scoop the potato out of its skin, mix it with butter, cheese, chives and bacon, then put that mix back in the skin and pop it back into the oven for five minutes.

That was bloody heaven.

wasnt that in your 'dark period' when that didnt happen?


i am willing to concede you may have eaten loaded skins at a spoons

Amazingly enough I was once 21 wang.  I just prefer to not talk about my past life prior to law, there’s nothing secret squirrel there, I just want to forget it.

This wasn’t the same as loaded skins you peen, it was an entire loaded potato, heat sealed and filled with calorific goodness.

She was a yank, lovely and blonde.  

Dux, you have to start doing weight lifting training with a PT stat!