Avoiding all travel until corona is sorted
  • That’s my position.
  • See it, say it, bossit.

Confirmation, if it were needed, that poor little hyoobert’s definition of bossing a situation involves cowering at home in fear and avoiding human contact.

I thought this was your policy anyway Unk?

So you’ll not be going to the pub any more in the near future then dux?

I assume Dollapat was referring to international travel to affected areas, rather than leaving his front door. 

His use of the word ‘all’ rather defeats the assumption that it referred to one type I would have thought.

nah you’re being obtuse here

”travel” when used in the sense he used it clearly means international or at least long distance travel

So clear that it needs someone to explain what it might mean it would appear.

Either way - so much for ‘bossin’ stuff by acting in an ultra timid manner.

Well given that between the two of you you managed to come up with two different definitions of what poor little hyoobert meant to say, erm no, not really.

sorry mate you’re out on one, here

his meanjng was clear to everyone except you

If it was clear why did the two of you think it was different things?

Struttz m7, you are trying to wee into the corner of a barrel again.

You are of course right Wang.

The big picture here is the grand style in which poor little hyoobert bosses stuff.

Join us next week as poor little hyoobert bosses driving by never going over 30 in his Volvo estate and certainly never getting behind the wheel at nights because you simply don’t know who is on the roads these days after dark.

I am now stuck with the image of strutter standing in a barrel outside the Old Bell berating passers by and flinging his own effluvia like a latter-day Diogenes.

Your mistake is to do all the pissing-into-the-corner-of-the-barrel obtuse pedantry stuff (and then respond when people escalate it) rather than just posting:

Hey Unk


"But that would be deeply unfunny."

Classic struttz

I can't avoid travel so my position is that I am going to wash my fucking hands.

I’ve not been out since Saturday and have no intention of doing so anytime in the near future.

Well I normally take the dog out to the beach but I’ve just changed doggy daycare around a bit so he still gets three days a week to totally knacker him out.