Autumn foods thread

What are you rolling out now the air is crisping up?

Going to make me a giant batch of cinnamon apples for putting on pancakes and porridge and such.

I lurched forward into the whole blackberry/ cooking apple/potato/ black pudding thing this week but am going to backtrack to the last of the tomatoes, and to mushrooms,  for a while longer, before committing fully to autumn.  

Bread and cabbage soup (better than it sounds - it's Italian).

Fruit crumble

Coq au Riesling

BBQ stuff (I far prefer this in Autumn)

How do you make your cinnamon apples, Clergs?

It's a bit different to ribolita but in the same vein.

Toast 9 slices of sourdough, preferably stale and preferably on a grill pan to get charmarks. Rub both sides with cut garlic.

Take half a Savoy cabbage, removing the ribs on the outer leaves, and shred. Blanch for a few minutes (I microwave for 4 minutes).

Cut pancetta or smoked streaky (Sillfields Farm does the best IMO) into lardons and fry until golden in a casserole or other large ovenproof dish.

Toss the finely chopped leaves from a large sprig of rosemary and 8 or so anchovies into the casserole and saute gently in the rendered fat until the anchovies have amalgamated. Tip the blanched cabbage in and toss. Remove to a bowl.

Place a third of the cabbage back in the casserole. Top with three slices of bread and grated cheddar. Repeat, but don't add the cheese to the top. Instead, top with stock (I use chicken) until the top layer of bread is almost all submerged. Top with more cheddar and grated parmesan.

Bake in a hot oven until the top is golden. Serve with burnt sage butter.


I have a real urge to make lamb stew with pearl barley and dumplings. Very basic but I am craving it. Will be doing that this weekend