The Astra Griffin

"All  Griffin. No Bull."



A pale imitation of the earlier Atras (which were always the bigger, sportier versions of the Cavalier).   They've ruined it looks-wise. 

Not what Badman said.

Subjective, but I think it's the best looking Astra ever.

I have some thoughts. 

I have noticed for a while that Vauxhall seem to be going for the brexit voter, lots of union jacks and playing up the Britishness in the marketing. 

As befits your typical (not that I’m accusing you of being typical ???) meat and two veg and none of that foreign muck brexit voter they are dull dull dull cars that are issued rather than bought. 

I don’t ever remember an Astra Griffin. I could perhaps get excited about a GTE. 

Astras were never bigger than cavaliers?

Why, of all the cars out there, is there a rof thread on this one?

this is the most fucking weird thing on RoF ever


the Astra was the hatchback (not hot) and the Cavalier was the boring repmobile.

Fucksticks. Now you've got me doing it.

Just cock off.

The 1.8l GTE was a thing of beauty.  And you could get Astra in an estate version, which I don't think they ever did with the Cavalier (although I may be wrong).   Egines were always sportier on the Astras.  Probably why the Mk II Astra was the most stolen car in the late eighties and early nineties.

GTE was great if you were a late 80s chav with a family to cart around. My dad used a mk2 squad car in his police days. It exploded diesel smoke on ignition and couldn't catch anything. Utter shit.

Astras are built in England ZG, hence the marketing. Not dull either.

Having a car built in the UK (especially by scousers) is no more a plus point now than it was in 1972

I'd rather they were making Astras than stealing them.

In whose world was the Astra a bigger version of the Cavalier? The Cavalier / Vectra was a full size bracket above the Astra.

We had a Carlton for a short time when I was little. Somewhere around the Maestro, 2CV and triumph something. All of them broke down all the time until we got an A reg Merc 230 estate (w123 platform) which in hindsight was a brilliant car. I would love one of them now. 

Engine size-wise, not by body type.  The Astras always had beefier engines.

I saw one of thems^^^ yesterday parked in my street, never seen one before ever.


I recently coveted a Vauxhall Nova with 30k on the clock

I thought the Astra was only a legend due to someone once trying to sell one or something.

Mk3  Cav was awesome. The turbo is on my current want list. 90s touring cararama

Astras, meh meh meh

As far as rof legend is concerned,  Cam had what (he only presumably) called "The Mighty Astra"