Sorry, not sorry

I reckon the blackmailer has a tape of him being done with a strap on by old Pammy.

I love how Assange winds up both Establishment types like Dusty and liberal-Lefties. It's a win-win.

Er, he's hiding out so he doesn't get strung up in Court on rape charges. Hardly an establishment thing, Dux.

I do not believe these rape charges. Typical CIA bullshit. Not that I'm an Assange fan, but still.

Framing him was pretty much an Establishment thing, unless you're claiming the CIA went rogue.

I love the fact that had he just surrendered himself initially, all this would likely have been behind him now. Instead, he was holed up for more than half a decade and NOW has to face the piper.

*Nelson laugh*

Or maybe it's just as a I suspect and he's a creepy oddball who think he's special because mummy always told him he was her special little soldier.

Christ, the fact that you two are allowed out without supervision by a responsible adult is fucking terrifying.

CIA my arse.

My last was to our resident sausage eater and also our resident soviet asset.

Why would he give himself up? The CIA are hardly going to have a flawed stitch-up to allow him to get off, are they?


Does anyone seriously think this is a genuine charge? Surely everyone over the age of about 7 (at least tacitly) accepts it's political.

So you’re saying he did appear at court after being released on bail?

No. Would you in those circumstances? (Obviously for these purposes assume you're not a stooge of the State but a normal person)

face the piper.


awkward expression in the circumstances

Ok, well regardless of the reasons behind the decision to fail to surrender to court, he still failed to surrender to court.  That is against the law and that is why he has been arrested.


Dux he stuck his penis inside an unconscious woman. AFAIAA he admitted that whilst trying to argue it wasn’t really rape (which it clearly is). 

More to the point I think that charge has been dropped. What he’s being arrested for is fleeing whilst on bail - and that is an absolute slam dunk. 

The charges in Sweden are now time barred which is why I couldn't understand why he was still hiding.

He's an absolute weapon and deserves to feel the full force of the law.

Arbiter are you sure about those facts?  I thought the "offence which would not be an offence in the UK" was that he had (protected) sex with the woman the night before (consensual) then in the morning they had sex again but he had not put a condom on which he knew she would not have consented to.  I didn't think she claimed she was unconscious.  Could be wrong, happy to be.

FAOD I think he's a fucking prick and a throbber of the highest order

I think there were two different charges JK. What you said and the other one. 

The allegations were odd. Running away and hiding for years was VERY weird. 

Jeremy Unt glossing it as self servingly as you’d expect 

I've been completely unable to find any evidence of it subsequently, but I would swear I was reading some kind of live blog of the court case and his QC (I think a mate / sympathiser rather than an actual criminal defence QC?) was reported as trying to argue that fvcking an unconscious woman (which he effectively admitted his client did) would not have been an offence in the UK.

Fairly sure I'm not imagining it as I consider it too ridiculous an argument to actually make up.

The cat is a CIA agent will be on the way back to Langley to be debriefed. 

Actually I think the quote in this BBC article backs up my recollection:

The judges said: "It is clear that the allegation is that he had sexual intercourse with her when she was not in a position to consent and so he could not have had any reasonable belief that she did."

"The cat is a CIA agent will be on the way back to Langley to be debriefed."


unnily enough YouGov had a question about Assnage on a survey I did yesterday


Question was  Should Assange

1-Stay in the Embassy

2 Be arrested

3-Dont Know

I've heard a rumour that the Ecuadorians particularly objected to the way he treated the cat.

What was your answer Abbs?

well they didn't have 'don't care' as an option so I skipped it

There’s a very long piece I think in the LRB from a couple of years ago by the guy supposed to be writing a biog of Assange. Worth a read. He’s an absolute abomination of a man.

I'd love it if the US did try to extradite him. At least he'd be proven right to some degree. 

Wasn't he in Only Fools and Horses?


He doesn't look well. He looks like he's been shut in a room for 7 years.


It's to do with leaking highly confidential information. The US found out, now they're going to ruin him. That's pretty much it really.

this thread just smacks of jealousy that he gets balls deep in Pamela.

Like Donald, he suffers from acute narcisstic personality disorder.

Literally everyone who attempts in any way to help him (eg. bail sureties, a whole litany of lawyers, Swedish ladies, Ecuador etc.) is disposed and learns to regret ever setting eyes on the bloke. 

I see Jennifer Robinson is still  representing him.

I tip for you Jen - you WILL regret it...



You bandy that diagnosis about quite a bit.  A few days back you were claiming I evidenced it.


IG hasn't Pam been open about being infected with hep C? 


I'm a Dr.

And are you denying that Messrs. Trump and Assange do not have monstrous narcisstic tendencies..?

Couldn't give a shit about them really. I'm more interested in me.

No, let's be serious. Let's talk about you, Doctor Hall.

What do you think about me?

Heh @ Mutters. According to the news just now, the judge today called Assange a "narcissist" with a "laughable defence". 

Muttley - my diagnosis of you, admittedly from afar, is as follows.

You are late middle-aged, and enjoy a comfortable middle class existence. You very much enjoy being ‘the lawyer’ when at dinner parties and other social gatherings, and you expect lesser mortals to genuflect toward your greater legal knowledge on any legal subject.

Indeed, passim this MB, you also expect such Idolatry from other lawyers.

However, you then also expect lesser mortals to accept your view on non-legal matters without question, and thus become somewhat ‘antsy’ if someone has the affrontery to disagree with you. 

In short, you show classic signs of a mild to moderate narcissistic  personality.

En passant, I am pleased that the Judge today agreed with my diagnosis on Julian. Maybe Mutters should offer his legal services to him...?

That will be 10 Guineas please.



I know we have a ceasefire MH, but wow.  So desperately wrong on this.

Not at all old bean, just popped into Rof mid bus journey home.  You’re very wrong about mutters though.  Middle class would be quite the step up.

They'll be so pissed off when they realise they've only got Tom Hanks.

Marshall Hall - my diagnosis of you, admittedly from afar, is as follows.


You are a massive massive fucking teede. I mean an ocean going, fully weaponised, intercontinental blasitic Teede. 



also "I'm a Dr." HEH, sure m7. 



Medical doctors mostly aren't real doctors.They've only got masters degrees. That they give themselves the title Dr is just another example of the general arrogance of the profession.