Ash vs Evil Dead
ShootyMcShootyface 10 Jul 19 14:04
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Possibly one of the finest TV shows recently made. Very much enjoying it.

Over the top gore. Very inappropriate. Deeply offensive.

So, yes, very funny.

And Lucy Lawless. Win!

Up there with Rick & Morty, Archer, early South Park, Star vs The Forces of Evil, etc.

I've just found out that Lucy Lawless is NOT Blackie Lawless' daughter.

I am SO disappointed by this. You have no idea. My life is basically a lie. 

Thank heavens for the internet for putting me right on that. 

Thanks fuck for that, Shooty.  Would you really want to go and meet Lucy's parents only to find Blackie there waiting to greet you?

Totes. It would be amazing.

Funny story: I used to go out with a girl from Santa Cruz. She was a drama student, over here for a year. I went over there a few times and met some of her drama friends. One was an english guy called, if I recall correctly (and it's been 25 years) nick. He told a story about staying over at a girls house one night, and came downstairs the next morning to find her dad making a cup of tea at the breakfast table.

It was Patrick Stewart.

I have no way of verifying this, but it was a cool story. And it was the 90s, which was the best decade eva, so it's possible.

One time, while visiting, she took me to the junciton of Virginia and La Loma. 

That was pretty cool. One for the Counting Crows fans  :)


Oh, and being Santa Cruz, her house was near the boardwalk from Lost Boys. Again, basically: SO 90s. Sigh.

I once had to explain to my dad what a boomstick was. He thought it was a drug reference.