Arron Banks is an idiot

Suing Carole Cadwalladr is wrong because her right to write her pieces ought to be protected in a free society that values free speech.

But even more idiotically for Banks, her outlandish conspiracy theories and certain people's embrace of them are a gift to Brexiters.

Fraser Myers explains here: 

Also, just FYI, he has not read any of Cadwalladr's articles.

Have the half-heads moved on from "fake news" already?

Is this part of the post-Brexit new world order where investigative journalism is labelled "conspiracy theories"?  

it's not really a 'conspiracy' when it's a bunch of fucking nobodies bumbling about and using gormless teenagers as fall guys to defraud the electorate

you might as well call nigerian email scams 'conspiracies' 

Speaking of which, how is Grimey's appeal going?

I remember one of RoF's resident "Pro- free speech when it suits me" campaigners was promoting his case a few months ago, but I haven't heard anything since.

I love Spiked. A fearless, moderately left-of-centre, pro-Brexit journal. Just what's needed in this political climate.

I also r8 Carole, she's a gr8 investigative journalist.