Arron Banks is an idiot

Suing Carole Cadwalladr is wrong because her right to write her pieces ought to be protected in a free society that values free speech.

But even more idiotically for Banks, her outlandish conspiracy theories and certain people's embrace of them are a gift to Brexiters.

Fraser Myers explains here: 

Also, just FYI, he has not read any of Cadwalladr's articles.

it's not really a 'conspiracy' when it's a bunch of fucking nobodies bumbling about and using gormless teenagers as fall guys to defraud the electorate

you might as well call nigerian email scams 'conspiracies' 

I love Spiked. A fearless, moderately left-of-centre, pro-Brexit journal. Just what's needed in this political climate.

I also r8 Carole, she's a gr8 investigative journalist.