Are you put off going to pubs?

Me, yes, restaurants ok but pubs just for drinking in current conditions seems a bit pointless with all spontaneity and jollity removed.  Don’t bother any more

  • Just be exempt and carry on as normal.
  • The means are easy, it depends on the strength of your spirit.

It’s not masks I mind so much as the sitting at tables, rule of 6, registering when you go in - just don’t fancy it.

count yourself lucky

in my manor it's 6 from max two households

so you can't meet two friends at once 

unless you get a backstory ready

How do they actually check whether you are from more than two households?

Also if I went into a pub in Scotland I would get the urge to shout, "TWO HOUSEHOLDS! Both alike in dignity..."

Nah. Was at the pub last night. 

While stood outside having a vape on Whitehall a bloke offered to sell me Coke and Weed. He had business cards. 

Told him he was 15 years too late. 

Well if you are a group of 30 or 40 somethings and there are more than 2 of you you know most people will be tutting that you are more than one household.  Guess you could pretend you are from a wear baggy knitwear

Yes but people can tut until the cows come home. How can they prove it?

It’s all doable and you can lie but just raises the question of whether it is worth it...I would find people asking if you really all live together awks

  • is it the same household if you're the freeholder of their flat (unknown to them)?

they defo can't prove it it's just that I have been going to nice places that have been good over the period and I feel weird about lying when they know I am lying

might save the group outings to horrible places

The last time I was in the UK a random train guard asked me and my husband if we were a bubble.

My husband didn't have a clue what the fuck he was talking about. 

I considered gleefully telling him that we'd snuck in from France 12 hours before the quarantine kicked in and spent five days visiting everyone we could think of and were now heading back, but I couldn't be arsed so I just said yes we live together.

I wonder if they'll rethink that 10pm curfew because forcing drunks out all at once at 10pm to mingle with the people who have just finished eating dinner all onto tubes was absolutely stupid as fuck and doesn't really accomplish anything good?

The tracing/registering makes pubs a pain in the ass, I agree. I'm ready to just stay in with friends/family until next phase. Hopefully that will be a phase towards opening and not clamping down further.

How is the guard entitled to ask that question, Anna?

On what authority?

I am not Team Sane, but petty dictators set me off.


I don’t think the current rules in Britain would put me off going to the pub. I’m not sure I really do associate pubs with spontaneity tbh. I usually plan my trips to the pub a few hours in advance, certainly if I’m meeting people there. Pre-booking would be a pain in the  arse, but the rules, AFAIK, don’t actually mandate it, and only a minority of pubs are insisting on it. Table service, having your temp checked, giving your details - tedious but not exactly going to change the fundamental pub experience for me. And the only time I ever drink in a group of more than six is at rof drinks tbh 

Wow Lady Penelope! Breathtakingly awesome - you rock!

I haven't been in a pub for the best part of a year now. Or a restaurant. Doesn't seem much point.

Been round to a few mates' garden BBQs, kind of works fine.

I’m planning lunch with a couple of mates on Saturday week.  We’ll choose a sensible pub we like that only asks for details from the person who books the table and no other questions.  Even early on when the only two households were meant to meet I saw big groups of twenty somethings in the pub and nobody raised an eyebrow.

  • Was in a restaurant there.
  • Bossed a few stout.
  • Unmuzzled permanently.
  • Claimed an exemption - went unchallenged.
  • Atmosphere was nice.
  • Think I'll do it again tomorrow.

No. As Guy said it’s not the atmosphere that I would like but it’s good enough. 

No. As Guy said it’s not the atmosphere that I would like but it’s good enough. 

Other than the 10pm closing pubs are great outside Central London at the moment. Table service by app so no fucking around waiting for another pint. Decent atmosphere and lining up the spirits before 10. 

Pas du tout. The waiting to be assigned a table thing is mildly annoying, but I usually go to the pub by myself to drink and read/do work anyway.

My local Sam Smith pub was heaving last Saturday, with the staff who normally stayed behind the counter pulling pints running ragged shepherding people here and there, telling people to put on masks, etc.

I can only go to the pub with my wife here at the moment

so yes

  • you may all need to find better pubs.
  • The master is in.
  • At my feet, the location of great establishments will be imparted.
  • Seek ye first The English Restaurant on Brushfield Street.
  • Imbibe Belgian beer until the first lesson is learned.

It is definitely not, and never will be, time to "bin pub culture and move the country on". As if the People would stand for any such thing anyway.