are you pleased with how your life is going right now?

at least in terms of direction if not present location?

I think I need a strategy overhaul

I have bought a book on releasing your inner potential

it is called The Source and is released this week

I will let you know if it works

or rather I will let you know if it works and turns out my potential is "roffing unto death"

It could be considerably worse.  

But thank you  for asking - most kind.

I am fairly content with where things are, but in terms of direction, we are all just hurtling towards death and entropy, no?

Well obviously, but it doesn’t stop one having a jolly good time on the way.

I've just watched a man empty the dog shit bin...

...with that in mind, life is going well apart from the whole issue of emotional entanglements.


fluffy  - word. I was in quite good spirits until a man confounded me this morning with his stupid confusion.

I want to live a superficial life of fun with friends and care not a fig for the unreliable affections of men

why can't I just get into this? I blame the pressures of living in society

but then you live in an isolated idyll and apparently that doesn't help

sex is a nightmare

either you fancy someone senseless and it's amazing or they are a nice and compatible person but every blowjob is a gross chore

also I should be worried more about what a loser I am professionally

yes, I have a friend who really really likes me and I know that we single girls shouldn't be fussy but I would literally have to take 3 diazepam if I ever had to have sex with him.

this sums up the terribleness of the human condition really well

people in China talk about "leftover women" but really it's the men who are leftover

The isolated idyll is the solution and the problem... ...this is a place that attracts tourist who want to see what somewhere looks like with no population.

Of course with no population comes the problem for the tourist of having nothing to do other than fu*k me...

...hence the entanglement because you can't put on a pair of knickers for the second day without the whole town knowing and looking at your crotch with the pinched expression of someone who has just sucked a nettle.

if it is any consolation I super envy the easy personableness you must possess to achieve sex reliably with passing newbies

did you know chlamydia is aka the reykjavik handshake tho?


sorry, that sounded a bit pinched faced villager and wasn't intended to

And from what you say on here you are advancing professionally... you obviously have the wit to progress. If you've picked the wrong direction then do something about it smiley

I'm not syre I do, sadly. I'm only clever in useless ways.

Wish I were at least sthg glamorous like a weather girl.

"if it is any consolation I super envy the easy personableness you must possess to achieve sex reliably with passing newbies"

Ha hah... ...they are desperate for human contact (and heat)

TBH the solution to life is just being nice to people and doing stuff.  Lots of stuff.  It almost doesn't matter what you do.  

Wish I had known that when I was 20.  

I am sure they are in it for more than a sleeping bag

Dal I agree with that but I think it's possible to do too much

"I am sure they are in it for more than a sleeping bag"

That's a tad harsh, I do wake up when they climax.

Definitely. My life is not exceptional but my expectations were quite low, so I feel very lucky/happy 

Betty nails it... ...low expectations and upwards from there.

I think the trouble starts when low expectations are still not met

Give over...'ve made constant progress. 

What's your current overall over say the next 2 years?

She can’t give over.

If she doesn’t do the constant moaning/crisis  thing then the attention might drop off and then what would happen?

Strutter, are you happy with your life? I get the impression you are not far off retiring from the law.

Strutter the only attention seeker here is you

Accept that your flower has faded and turn your attention to good works as befits your station

I refer my kind correspondents to my post of 11.25.

I will let the board be the judge as to which of clergles and I spams the board day and night with every detail of the latest existential ‘crisis’ and draw conclusions concerning attention seeking accordingly.

I terms of retiring from law, it all seems to be ticking along rather pleasingly at present so I think a few more years whilst I am still enjoying it and salting a bit of cash away and then see how it goes.

nb - chatting to whoever is interested is what chatrooms are for

trying to catch the attention of specific posters in order to wind them up is attention seeking that a 7 yr old would scorn

it's ok. career wise it's going nowhere in particular but I don't really care about that. my mother's dementia isn't going to get anything but worse and there is the potential for the next few years to be really quite shit on that front. my father in law has similar issues, just to add to the fun. wife and I are spending more time apart than is really healthy, and she still thinks that I am having/had an affair with my assistant from last summer (who I am still in daily contact with, to my wife's chagrin) but I am not/didn't and hopefully the light at the end of that particular tunnel has appeared since I have given up the job that kept me away 4 months a year for the last 5 years. some interesting irons in the fire and hopefully one of those will work out. 


erk, merk

can you not be in daily contact with the assistant??

I think that I might go on a little road trip somewhere.


I get on really well with the assistant, which is not the case with many people tbh: we are quite similar in that regard which is why (I assume) she has stayed in touch. Nothing has gone on and the chances that anything ever would are vanishingly slim since I don't think that married blokes 30 years older than she is are her thing. I certainly don't have any expectations on that front, although I am probably emotionally closer to her than is strictly a good idea.  We will inevitably grow apart at some point but I don't see why we can't be friends until then


I am not clicking because it is going to be the tooth child

Cant complain tbh. Could be earning more but that's a minor thing in the grand scheme

Merkz that reads like you’d have an affair with the assistant, given the opportunity. 

Betty if she threw herself at me I would be tempted, even though it would be a terrible idea. But I shared a house with her for 5 months and she didn't, so I think I'm safe in that regard

Given your feelings, you can’t really blame your wife for her instincts. If you cared enough about her/your relationship, you’d wind it back with your assistant and put your energy in to your marriage. 

it's not tooth child, I would post gif of tooth child here in mid page

I don't doubt that it has the scope to get a fair deal worse yet, but still, most major areas of my life are flatlining and I often struggle to see the merits of breaking out the defibrillator.  

Life is pretty meh:

Job - Like it but not sure about the future for several reasons

Money - Meh. But then PP would destroy my soul

Man - Non-existant. Longest dry spell in history.

Fitness - Crap. Started to do stuff about it this weekend but still.

Health - Has been weird but getting checked out and sounds non-serious. Also stopped me from sorting fitness in Jan.

Home - Fairly sorted but have a long termish house guest who I told to make themselves at home but they made themselves really at home and it's bugging me.

Family - Mum is super needy/dependent since her husband had to leave the county and I've spent a ridiculous amount of time helping her to fix it. Have to go home for a week soon to keep her company.

So in summary: MEH.

Meh I think we need to know about your houseguest.... is it like that random German guy of someone's....?  Judy maybe?


am finding being new in my job and not knowing everything very frustrating, but know that in time that will change

Yes, pretty much. It's fucking knackering though.

*smashes goals like she smashes the patriarchy*

No, this is a friend who is wonderful in pretty much every way really, but I am very not used to sharing and it is throwing up all kinds of weird feelings around that. I love having guests but this is more flatmate scenario which is taking some getting used to.

Definitely feeling stuck in a rut at the moment.  Nothing is really wrong, but work is a struggle as are my relationships with several of the people closest to me (for various reasons). There are too many 'unforced errors' both work and relationship wise. I am struggling to find the energy to do things properly and am being very lazy (and grumpy) about stuff.

A big part of me wants a big change but significant change would be massively disruptive and prolly lead to stuff just being worse anyway.

I suspect  a fortnight on my own somewhere remote with no phone, long walks and nice food (and wine) would make a massive difference but it's not going to happen.

Reasonably pleased. Am in the sleep deprived haze of newborn land, but am enjoying having her here and happy to have expanded the family. Husband and I are in the trenches of young kids raising so not huge amounts of time for each other but we’re settled into our groove and grabbing moments when we can. We’ve started going to the cinema/exhibtions/matinee concerts during the day on weekdays when the nanny is here and it’s great  

Am in a situation with work where I feel confident that I’ll always be able to do something that is reasonably interesting that pays enough to keep me in the style I’m accustomed to so am fairly relaxed about that - don’t have any particular ambitions other than to do something vaguely purposeful and pay the bills. 

No oarticular health issues (other than having been cut open a month ago) and all family relatively well, touch wood  

thats all you can really ask for, isn’t it?


Madders, the traditional remedy is a red sports car and an affair with your seccie isn’t it?

Can't complain. 

Having survived 2014, it's all sunny ever since. 

Actually I'm going to upgrade to two words those being "f*ck yes".

m8s, it's February.

It is a terrible month for introspection

we'll all feel better in the Spring

yeah I know but I'm fairly pfffft about Brexit as there is nothing I can do about makes personal goal planning more difficult though and there are a lot of things on hold

but I will feel much more positive and energised to deal with it all when the sun comes out a bit and I don't have a permanent cold


Quite of a lot of candid and opening up from posters here.  That always makes you feel better inside