Are you one of the UKs top 1500 lawyers?

If so, did you sign this petition? If not, how do you feel about being left out?



and i always had them down as a staunch brexiteer


I was invited to sign this, which in itself shows a degree of desparation tbh.

What a bunch of non-entities. I can count the people I've even heard of on my fingers.


They only had to ask

bit ad hoc isn’t it? Cut and paste from online petition, not alphabetised or proofed.

since you asked.

I suspest the random use capitalisation, commas and full stops is down to the way these lawyers themselves filled out the form.


There are some utterly average lawyers in there too. Some notable absebtees too, like the actual best lawyers in the country, 

If it’s just an online form then surely only a matter of time until someone starts pulling out the list of names of trainees / studes?

Was there any verification at all?

oh and an “argh my eyes” at the horrible blown up blocky fonts used for the logo on the main page. 

I've spotted two roffers on there and a bunch of my contacts.

Christ - Jolyon Maugham is a signatory. Well, he would be.

Also, someone called "Gay Moon" who is not on the roll of solicitors, nor in the directory of barristers. Not conclusive by any means, but rather odd for a "top" UK lawyer to be apparently unregistered.

If anything is going to sway public opinion, it's a list of lawyers. 

Don't fear Bento, they are planning another petition from house chinnies

We shouldn’t josh about this stuff. I mean they have “Rory” and “Alex” on the list. Constitutional lawyers of such renown they no longer need use surnames...

"She's a solicitor"

In what jurisdiction? She's not on the Law Society's list....

Could be on the Roll without a practicing certificate. 

I’m not sure the SRA would back the idea of describing yourself as a Legal Advisor and a solicitor if you’re non-practising. 

That looks an awful lot like holding yourself out. 

I saw this petition but didn't sign as I'm not currently registered. Didn't seem like you could if you weren't. Know 6 or 7 people on it, mainly Barristers from my old set.