Are you getting enough fibre?

30g daily recommended.

Not sure how much there is in your daily shit sandwich.

MDF doesn’t count FYI 

I take after my father in terms of being orone to constipation so I deliberately go for high fibre foods ( whole grains, brown rice, nuts with skin on, wholemeal bread with seeds, etc) and it has had a dramatic effect on my digestive system so if there are other health benefits too then amazing! I always seem to be on the wrong side of these studies.

NB if you think you dont eat enough fibre people will often say, eat spinach. Let me be the first to say, no way can you rely on spinach, dont bother eating any more than you normally do, you would need to eat a mountain of it every day.

Bloop Arseport - a poor pun on "blue passport".

I definitely don't get enough despite the odd bowl of bran flakes to try and help.

You live longer if you eat more fibre, but the last 3 years are spent sitting on the pan.  


(Can't remember whose line this is). 

I am obsessed with prunes - they are one of my favourite things to eat. I have always been blessed with a regular digestive system.